Andrew Coakley delivers inspiration and suspense

Writing a book could be a daunting task, even for experienced writers. But writing and releasing two books at the same time – well, that’s on another level and no doubt shows serious commitment to the art of writing. Bahamian author Andrew Coakley took up the task. His two latest books “Noise” and “The Higher The Monkey Climbs” are on the market.

Perhaps, since his last release (the Sweetheart Syndrome) was released in 2017, Coakley who is Grand Bahama-based, may have felt he needed to make up for lost time. So, instead of one book, he released two books.

“It was not easy writing two books at the same time, but it was not something I had set out to do,” said the author, who released his fourth and fifth books recently. “I started out writing the inspirational book [Noise], but because I wanted to unwind after every writing session, I began writing a story, which was an idea I had in my head for a while and knew that I would write eventually.

“I got so caught up in writing both books, that by the time I had realized that I was actually writing both books, I was half way through the novel that was only designed to help me unwind.”

And just like that, the author who gave us “My Son Listen to my Words and Live”; “Women with Jobs, Men with PMS” and the “Sweetheart Syndrome,” had accomplished penning two books. He has now officially written and released five books.

The story that Coakley started out just writing to unwind turned out to be his first full-fledged novel entitled “The Higher The Monkey Climbs” – a whodunnit offering about politics, crime, corruption, kidnapping and even murder.

“The story takes place on a fictional island that I created named Pink Pearl Island, which is located somewhere within the Caribbean Sea. It’s your typical Caribbean island, where everyday residents struggle with trying to make ends meet; where chicken is the most consumed bird and residents struggle with trying to keep their politics and their religion separated as much as possible.”

The novel surrounds the struggle by the long-time Governor, Marcel Petty, to hold on to political power and eventually hand it over to his son in order to keep it in the family. However, with a high crime rate which is making the wealthy people of Pink Pearl Island nervous and ready to carry out a mass exodus, Governor Petty has to lean on his police commissioner, Gerald Hansel to solve the crime problem and help ease the fears of the island’s wealthy and potential foreign investors.

Things become more complicated when a dogged female newspaper reporter, who is following the escalating crime wave on the island, discovers that teen boys on the island are being kidnapped. Now, instead of just a high crime wave on the island, the idea of kidnapping, with links to a possible human trafficking ring, takes Governor Petty’s fears to a whole new level.

The author said he got caught up in the novel because he had fun writing it.

“It’s interesting how the characters tend to drive the story – and even as the writer, I am surprised by some of the things that happens because of the decisions and choices of the characters in the story,” said Coakley.

“People think that as the writer, I manipulate the characters and try to get them to fit into my story, but true writing is where the characters drive the story and your writing. But I had so much fun writing ‘The Higher The Monkey Climbs’ even though it was my first full-fledged novel. Because of that I’m convinced that those who pick up the book will have just as much fun reading the book.”

“Noise” which Coakley started out writing first is a revealing look at how the devil uses distractions to bring about a great falling away of believers. The book covers a number of subjects and situations in which Christians can become distracted from kingdom business.

The author says that the book is really an admonition to all Christians to remain vigilant, especially in a time when the last days seem to be ending.

“It is so easy to become distracted, particularly when we are busy living from day to day,” said Coakley. “Even simple, everyday tasks, which on the surface seem harmless and necessary, can sometimes distract us from staying focused on God.

“Then there are the blatant attempts by the enemy to distract us with troubles, hard times, lack, and even with modern technology. Christians can’t expect to binge watch seven or 10 hours of Netflix television and then wonder why God isn’t moving in their lives. We can’t get caught up in internet surfing for hours on end, from one entertainer’s story to the next and turn around and expect God to speak to and through us.

“Noise is really about admonishing Christians to stay focused on spiritual activity that keeps our spirits in tuned to the Holy Spirit.”

With chapters entitled “Distracted From Fulfilling Purpose”, “The Noise Inside My Head”, “Noise in the Church”, “Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise”, “False Prophets are Meant for Distraction” and others, the book gives an in-depth look at some of the trickery of the enemy.

The book is already gaining traction on the international scene, particularly after popular Bible teacher, Minister Kevin Ewing promoted the book on his show on Saturday afternoon. Ewing called it a “must read” and admonished his viewers – which encompasses thousands of people around the world – to get a copy of the book “Noise”.

After releasing two books at once, it would be more than fair to conclude that the writer would take a break. However, Coakley says that he’s already working on two more books. A follow-up to “The Higher The Monkey Climbs” and another inspirational book, both set to be released in 2022.

“The Higher The Monkey Climbs” and “Noise” are available on line at Amazon ( and and at Bethel’s Book Store in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

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