Another innocent life stolen

Dear Editor,

We are confronted with the worst form of gun violence. An innocent child was robbed of his dreams and the nation is robbed of its future.

A four-year-old lost his life, senselessly. And if that doesn’t move us to action, I don’t know what can.

We have to be completely honest with ourselves. What is happening is our nation, especially our capital, is heinous. These senseless killings are taking over this nation.

The war against gun violence has increased. And evidently, gun violence is taking the lives of the innocent, too.

But this war does not only involve members of the police force; it involves the communities, it involves this entire nation. Until we as citizens do our part, we can expect more senseless killings to take place.

Are we tired yet?

How many more children like this four-year-old do we want in the morgue and robbed of their future?

When will we as common citizens stand up against these ruthless thugs and take our communities back? Whether it’s family or friend, we need to take a stand and put an end to this barbaric gangsterism.

This is another wake up call. But the phone has been ringing far too long.

If what has happened hasn’t really woken us up, I don’t know what will.

While I note that the police are doing their best with gun apprehension, guns still flow through this country without a problem.

We need to come up with an urban agenda to stop the flow of guns because we are in a state of emergency and all hands are needed on deck.

For this country, for the children, for Kenton Seymour Jr., enough is enough.

Dr. Matheo Smith

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