Anti-Christian hypocrisy

Dear Editor,

The importance of the proposed anti-gay protests spoken of by Bahamas Christian Council President Delton Fernander should not be understated.

This will be the time whereby the whole world will be shown the complete irrelevance, ignorance and hypocrisy of those who call themselves Christians in The Bahamas.

Placed in the context of the Ten Commandments, it would seem to those awake and paying attention, that The Bahamas is a country based on hate, corruption, theft, adultery, xenophobia, murder and worst of all, hypocrisy.

Almost as anti-Christian as conceivably possible.

I am quite sure Fernander, that your male, vindictive, all-loving God is smiling down through the clouds at the wondrous and benevolent statements coming from your mouth, straight from His.

The more I read the statements coming from Fernander, the more I am convinced that this man couldn’t think himself out of a wet paper bag.

And yet, he is president of the religious community here?

You don’t need to read the Bible over and over again to understand its true message. Unless of course, you’re not good at reading in the first place.

Even a poor reading of the Bible should leave no doubt that this country, for the most part, has missed the Bible’s entire, and important, message.

The Bible, more than anything else, is based on loving your neighbor, being humble, rejecting worldly goods, money and riches. And, being honest.

Have we not failed on every account, as a nation? Are we not aware of the stark statistics which prove this point, or would we bury our heads in the sand, ignoring reality?

With all the injustices being done in this country, and around the world, this is the thing; worrying about whom someone else loves, which will bring the Christian Community out in unprecedented numbers rallying for our place in heaven?

For God’s sake! We have a nation full of kids who don’t even know their father’s name. A nation full of children unattended, loved of course, but left at home with grandparents, or aunts, or the internet and gangs. A nation full of macho, primitive men who are more than willing to hit a woman or a child.

But, Fernander, instead of railing against these travesties and obvious loss of our national and spiritual future, would rather spend his day speaking out against, and condemning those people who are loving, rather than hating.

But, I don’t expect anything more from the frail intellect Fernander exhibits at every chance.

Daily, I hear the cries of lack of leadership in this country. Is there a better example of this than the current vein of “pastors” in this country.

A celebration of ignorance, adultery, lying, deceit, thieving and hypocrisy.

“Leadership?” Please!

Were the Christians of The Bahamas to come together, to speak with one voice, to carry out the true mandate of their chosen God, one would see an entirely different nation than exists here today. There would be prosperity for all. There would be true nation and character building.

We would see few killings. We would see two parents raising their children. We would see less homelessness, less mentally ill, less suffering on our streets. There would be no numbers houses.

More than watch well-dressed people go to church each Saturday or Sunday, it would be nice to see poorly dressed Christians truly helping their neighbors.

Perhaps when that time comes, I will join these people in a protest. A protest against hate. And a protest for love.

Until that time, I will stay as far away from these so-called Christians as possible.

– Porcupine

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