App helps local companies build customer loyalty

Businesses have come to understand during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the importance of customer loyalty and one technology company – Bahama Mobile Stamp – has been helping companies build customer loyalty with its app.

Bahama Mobile Stamp founder and Chief Executive Officer Clay Panza told Guardian Business that since the start of the pandemic, he has received numerous emails from business owners desperate to find new ways to connect with their customers and keep them coming back. The company is a few months away from its first anniversary and has more than 30 clients.

“Even before COVID-19 I was putting my two feet down and trying to get the product out, but since COVID-19 I have been actually getting more emails in response, asking about it, as well as how it could benefit them during this pandemic,” said Panza.

“Also around this time as well, folks were actually realizing the importance of having that customer information, so they can maintain that relationship with their customers.”

The web-based application allows businesses to create customized loyalty programs and doubles as a marketing machine, replete with the capability of reaching customers through text advertising on their mobile devices.

Panza said packages start as low as $35 per month, which includes more than 40 features.

Panza said Bahama Mobile Stamp improves the transaction experience for a business owner by adding value at the time of purchase.

He said physical punch-type loyalty cards have been around since the 1980s and he contended that it is time for companies to go digital.

“Most of the time customers shop with a business they spend money, but that business doesn’t get anything in return other than the few dollars for that purchase and you’re hoping the customer comes back for a second or third time,” said Panza.

“But now, with Bahama Mobile Stamp they are not only shopping with you, they are building a relationship with you. So you’re going to get their information and you’ll be able to maintain communication with that customer and let them know of any kind of promotion you might have, or any kind of deals and just build something with them.”

Bahama Mobile Stamp provides its customers with convenient quick response codes, in-store interaction options and various marketing tools.

“Our platform allows you to build a customer database and track their shopping habits with your business with analytics and monitoring the progress in your very own back office/dashboard,” Panza said.

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Chester Robards

Chester Robards rejoined The Nassau Guardian in November 2017 as a senior business reporter. He has covered myriad topics and events for The Nassau Guardian. Education: Florida International University, BS in Journalism

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