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Are you judgmental?

Now what’s your answer to the simple question posed by the title of today’s article are you judgmental? Well, are you? Now you may answer yes or no, or perhaps sometimes. So, D. Paul what is the correct answer to that question in your opinion? Well the answer is it all depends on the circumstances as you, we, all have to use our judgement at times, before we take on a project, before we even pick a mate, with whom hopefully we’ll spend the rest of our life. Yes indeed, making the correct judgements more often than bad ones, is vital to our future success – yes indeed it is.

Of course, if you become very judgmental in a negative way, this could indeed be a big problem. I guess that in the end it all depends on our overall attitude – negative or positive. The positive person will weigh up all sides very carefully – the positive points and the negative points, then give both sides of the argument some serious thought, finally coming to a conclusion and then making the decision one way or another.

However, the very negative person, and let’s face it there are an awful lot of them around unfortunately; they will be very judgmental in a completely negative way always seeing the bad side of a situation or people and therefore just about all of the time making very negative judgments about events and people. You know the type of people I’m referring to here today, the kind to whom it would appear nothing is ever right. These kinds of very judgmental people always seem to have a very skeptical look on their countenance as they look for everything that is wrong, and then make the judgement which in most cases is very negative.

Yes, my friend, making judgements is a very important part of everyday life – however, we need of necessity to have a completely open mind when we’re making judgements which will affect the future of our life. We need to weigh up the pros and cons, the good points and the bad points, then give it some serious thought before finally making what we believe will be the correct one.

• Think about it!

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