As Atlantis extends closure, two other P.I. resorts reopening

While the Atlantis resort has pushed back its reopening to the end of July, at least two other Paradise Island Resorts are opening today.

Warwick Paradise Island resort and Hotel RIU Palace Paradise Island are set to open their doors today as the country reopens its borders to international commercial flights.

Both hotels have new, extensive safety protocols and social distancing measures in line with the Ministry of Tourism and Aviation’s ‘Clean & Pristine, Responding to COVID-19’ program.

The RIU – which closed 99 of its properties across 19 countries – is limiting hotel occupancy to 50 or 60 percent, checking guests’ temperatures on arrival, introducing the gradual implementation of web check-in to reduce handling physical documents as much as possible, and installing safety screens at reception desks, among other protocols.

“RIU Hotels & Resorts has been working for several weeks to create a total of 17 protocols that will serve to guide operations in the hotels when they reopen post-COVID-19. They give details of each hotel department’s work in order to offer the highest guarantees of safety to guests and staff,” the resort noted in a statement.

“The departments that from now on will apply the new measures in their everyday work include reception, housekeeping (cleaning), dining rooms, bars, kitchens, confectionery, goods reception, the technical service center, industrial zones, staff areas, staff occupancy to transport, and fitness and entertainment. In this way, they can manage the reopening process in a comprehensive way that covers aspects from limiting the occupancy of the hotel in each of its areas, to the correct dosage of tried and tested virucidal products.”

The RIU stated that its aspiration is to get back to action as soon as possible and offer all the guarantees within its reach, given that it is experiencing the worst crisis the hospitality sector has ever faced.

At the Warwick, the resort has adopted a policy of “keep right” in the hallways for guests and staff to minimize interaction. It has also suspended buffet services, revised seating arrangements and discontinued physical menus, replacing them with versions available on mobile devices.

Other protocols include a limited number of guests accessing resort facilities like its fitness center, pool, hot tub and spa, among other protocols.

“Warwick Hotels and Resorts is committed during the COVID-19 health crisis to follow the health and safety guidelines and best practices for the hotel industry in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and the American Hotel and Lodging Association,” the resort noted in a statement.

“These new initiatives on hotel cleaning practice, social interactions and workplace protocols will ensure transparency throughout our guest’s journey. Our approach with enhanced protocols, policies, procedures and training are designed to provide peace of mind to both our guests and staff members.”

Atlantis resort, the flagship resort of Paradise Island – with the most room bookings – has pushed its reopening from July 7 to July 30.

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