At wit’s end with BPL

Dear Editor,

Thank you for the opportunity to express my view on something that was said by BPL CEO Whitney Heastie during the press conference this past Sunday.

I believe that I heard the CEO say, in response to a question from the press, something to the effect that we, the consumer, should not complain about the loss of the consumption of power, as we only pay for the amount which we consume.

I take this to mean that he is of the view that we should not be wary/upset with the blackouts, as we are not charged for these periods, due to the fact that no electricity is used then.

Yes, Mr. CEO, we are not charged for consumption during these periods but what about the agreement you and the consumer have in place? Is it not true that we, the consumer, have a contract with you to pay for the UN-INTERRUPTED SUPPLY of electricity for which you hold our cash deposit and we pay for monthly?

This is — as your superiors say — “a matter of trust as this is the people’s time”.

Well, Mr. CEO, your record of trust since you became the head honcho of BPL is not one that’s believable, as you have not told me all I should know when you do not fulfill the basic term of our contract, which is to provide me an un-interrupted supply. You get my money monthly and you hold my deposit.

Do not patronize me, Mr. CEO, and tell me I should not have a concern as I have lost nothing. In case you have not noticed, I lost a whole lot of comfort, sleep, convenience and above all, the source of electricity you contracted with me to provide.

It may indeed be “the people’s time” Mr. CEO, but my question is which people? It may be, as the rep from Wartsila boasted about at your press conference, that people from other regions have enjoyed the benefit of their presence wherever they worked.

Right now, it’s only Bahamians who are feeling this period of heat and suffering, while the situation goes from bad to “badder” to “wosser.”

You who sit at the top and waffle as you and Dr. Donovan Moxey did on Sunday past, need a trip around Nassau one evening when the lights are off and make yourself known, then tell me what the people think of you and Wartsila.


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