Atlantis recognizes outstanding team members at Quartz Awards

Atlantis resort debuted its new theme song “People Make Paradise” sung by Dillon “DMac” McKenzie, as it made its return to recognizing team members at its Quartz Awards ceremony that is all about their team members – the people who work hard to make Atlantis a true paradise.

The song – a collaboration between DMac, his nephews Yonzel and Yontel Clare, and Atlantis team members – was recorded to drive the energy amongst the staff and get them back into the swing of things, as the awards were held for the first time since 2020 and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to be proud of the company they work for, according to the artist.

“It was a collaboration,” said DMac. “They gave us lyrics, Yonzel co-wrote the song with myself and some staff members from Atlantis, and Yontel co-produced the song with me.

DMac says describes the beat as mainstream with some Junkanoo and rake n’ scrape elements.

“I am proud that we were able to come together and made such a great product. It represents Atlantis and tourism, but the song has a lot of potential.”

As the theme song was unveiled, Anne McKenzie, Carlyle Johnson, Kendra Coste-Rojas, Aisha Cooper Neely, and Cara Douglas were recognized among the outstanding employees.

“Our recognition events are always special because it involves our team members hosting and presenting at this event,” said Karen Carey, Atlantis senior vice president, human resources.

“Our special guest DMac raised the energy in the place performing our new theme song “People Make Paradise”. This event is all about our team members, the people that work so hard to make Atlantis true paradise. We look forward to our next quarter awards and congratulate all nominees and all of our winners.

“Under the theme ‘People Make Paradise’ we were excited to have 132 general staff nominated, along with 32 managers and nine leaders.

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