Attacking Atlantis

Dear Editor,

What is the purpose of these public attacks on Atlantis?

They are a Bahamian corporate entity with the right to free speech, and to defend their interests.

Their very ethos is protecting, promoting and selling ecology, so why would they not be interested in what happens right next door?

Likewise, Royal Caribbean International (RCI) has convinced the government that its proposed project has merit and benefits. They are therefore entitled to attempt to advance their vision.

They are both our partners, not our rivals nor enemies. We granted them that status.

And where is the minister for investments? Is his job to invite investors to The Bahamas for the minister of labor and the minister of foreign affairs to slap around?

If the minister of foreign affairs finds it expedient to insert himself in the current matter, he should exercise the tools of his portfolio and use a little diplomacy, not threats by reference to old stories that have absolutely nothing to do with the current owners.

He should invite the heads of the two companies to meet in private and try to find a win-win solution for Atlantis, RCI and the people of The Bahamas.

While the PLP may have the gavel (for the moment), it is not a sledge hammer to smash those who may have dissenting views.

We expect them to promote and protect the interests of all, so that the country may grow and prosper.

Mr. Prime Minister, a little order please.


Shayne Davis

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