Attorney Pericles Maillis wrongly identified in social media reports on Abaco drug, firearm charges against another with same name

Prominent attorney and conservationist Pericles Alexander Maillis has been the subject of mistaken identity in various social media posts commenting on the recent drug and firearm charges brought against Pericles Anthony Maillis in Abaco.

“In the last few days there has been some grossly inaccurate reporting through social media outlets including most notably ‘242 In The Know’,” his family said yesterday.

“These reports included the newspaper article concerning the Maillis arrested in Abaco (Pericles Anthony Maillis), and by placing a picture of lawyer Pericles Alexander Maillis purported to attribute that criminal conduct to him.”

No picture of Pericles Anthony Maillis accompanied earlier reporting on the matter by other media and also online.

242 In The Know has pulled down the picture associated with the article and printed an apology.

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