Bahamas Masqueraders unveils a diverse suite of costumes

Well, the reviews are in. Bahamas Masqueraders did not disappoint.

The carnival band unveiled its suite of diverse costumes for the 2023 Bahamas Carnival last week – and let’s just say there is no shortage of bling.

Held at one of the theaters at Fusion Superplex, the unconventional launch offered viewers comfortable seating and lots of space. While the launch lacked some of the hype and excitement that one expects at a traditional launch, the after-party made up for that.

But, let me get to the costumes.

First up, was the “Jouvert” section.

Anyone who has ever been to jouvert knows that while you may go in looking pristine, by the time jouvert is done, you will be covered with every color of paint there is. It was no surprise then that the jouvert section, designed by Jamal Moss, was a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors that included shades of blue, yellow, pink, orange, green and white.

From the demure to the risqué, jouvert’s bodywear options offer something for just about everyone.

“Bacchanal”, sponsored by BTC, was the second section unveiled. Royal blue is the base color in this section. Highlighted by vibrant pinks and fluorescent green, and lots and lots of jewels, this section shines from afar and up close.

For those looking to disguise their identities a bit, the frontline section has a bedazzled horned face mask option that adds a mythical vibe to the overall look. As the word bacchanal suggests unruly behavior, that mask may be just the thing for masqueraders in this section.

“We Limin’” was the third section to be revealed.

In keeping with its name, the costumes are lime and refreshing. The royal blue feathers and jewels offer a nice contrast. The bodywear, made with a mesh material and spandex, brings an added twist to the costumes.

The final section to be unveiled was, “In Di Mas”.

A unique mix of bronze, blue and burgundy, these costumes were probably the most unexpected. Accustomed to brightly colored costumes, this section adds to Masqueraders’ growing repertoire.

From the barely there to more full-bodied options, one common theme all of the bodywear have in this section is the vast amount of jewels. A jeweled, wide-brimmed hat and bronze cape are also options for those looking to add some drama on the road.

Which section is your favorite? I’m still trying to decide on mine.

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