Bahamas Olympic team aims for safety in Tokyo

The Bahamian Olympic team will be protected by state-of-the-art face masks while in Tokyo.

The masks are a unique and high-tech product that has just arrived in The Bahamas. It comes via sponsorship from Bahamian company AqSol Ltd. Based on a rare nanofiber mesh, the masks have been scientifically tested by Nelson Labs, an accredited research lab in the United States.

“We are both honored and proud to support the Olympic team with our new face masks,” said Henrik Gedde Moos, co-founder and director of AqSol Ltd. “They are based on a unique nanofiber filtration mesh that allows for extremely easy breathing through the mask while at the same time providing a unique virus and bacteria filtration.

“The Olympics is all about achieving better results by applying both skill and technology. We have used our skill and technology to produce a second-to-none face mask and we are very happy to be able to add to the well-being and security of our athletes while they are in Tokyo. We hope that our little contribution can help the Bahamian Olympic team to continue their high success rate at the Olympics in these challenging times. We wish them all the best of luck.”

Each member of the delegation has been given two custom masks, one with a Bahamas flag and one with the Bahamian colors striped on the side.

“We are grateful to AqSol for its sponsorship,” said Dorian Roach, a vice president of the Bahamas Olympic Committee, who has already arrived in Tokyo. “The masks have been great to travel with as they are very comfortable while also providing the best protection for our delegation.”

AqSol Ltd. is a Bahamian company that manufactures face masks and disinfectants against COVID-19, as well as sustainable water and solar solutions.

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