Bahamian arrested in Colombia for drugs

A Bahamian woman was arrested in Cartagena, Colombia, over the weekend for allegedly attempting to smuggle cocaine out of the country, a Colombian newspaper reported.

El Colombiano, a local newspaper, reported that the woman and an Italian man were arrested by police in the airport as they attempted to board separate flights to Panama City.

According to the paper, an anti-narcotics police dog detected drugs in the suitcases of an Italian citizen, who was in the airport waiting room. When the dog gave officials the signal, the man’s bags were checked thoroughly. According to the newspaper, police found two kilograms of cocaine stashed in the insoles of six pairs of shoes.

Later, the same agents inspected the suitcase of a citizen of The Bahamas. When officials scanned the suitcase, they detected a double bottom in which several kilos of cocaine were camouflaged, the paper reported.

The national police said the two have been “made available” to the Office of the Attorney General, which is carrying out an investigative process to establish who is behind this drug trafficking network, the paper said.

An official from The Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs said yesterday that they were not aware of the incident at the time but would make inquiries.

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