Bahamian bowlers fall well short of required standards

With just four bowlers entered at the 2019 World Bowling Women’s Championship at the South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, The Bahamas doesn’t qualify for the team aspect of the tournament, and therefore, competition is essentially over for the Bahamian quartet.

The team competition requires a line-up of five. Still, the four ladies, Tara Culmer, Camille Burnside, Cheryl Bevans and Shanta Kerr-Richardson, were in action on the lanes, bowling just for individual scores and the All Events Division.

The quartet had a total pinfall of 1,887 and averaged 157.25. Burnside was The Bahamas’ best bowler on Tuesday, averaging 170.33 and turning in a total pinfall of 511 in her three games. She had scores of 172, 189 and 150. Culmer had a total pinfall of 476 in her three games, recording scores of 181, 145 and 150 for an average of 158.67. Bevans totaled 453 in her three games, averaging 151. She turned in scores of 175, 116 and 162. Kerr-Richardson had a total pinfall of 447, averaging 149. She turned in scores of 158, 124 and 165.

“Their run at this prestigious tournament of the world’s best in bowling is all but over,” said Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) Public Relations Officer Clayton Gardiner on Tuesday. “We just encouraged them to finish strong, have fun, make new friends and most all, keep their spirits up and make the very best of the experience,” he added.

In trios on Monday, the team of Burnside, Bevans and Kerr-Richardson was 59th overall, averaging 153.72 with a total pinfall of 2,767. Burnside had a total pinfall of 965 and averaged 160.83 in her six games; Bevans had a total pinfall of 978 and averaged 163; and Kerr-Richardson had a total pinfall of 824 and averaged 137.33. Burnside turned in scores of 162, 179, 142, 151, 151 and 180. Bevans had scores of 144, 167, 165, 179, 154 and 169. Kerr-Richardson turned in scores of 106, 137, 149, 154, 123 and 155.

“The team’s total of 2,767 pins was unimpressive, but before we judge them too harshly, I ask you to consider the bigger picture including the overall experience for our bowlers. I believe that once you do that, you will come away with a deeper understanding and unvarnished assessment of where we are, where we want to go, and how we are going to get there as it relates to the sport of bowling in The Bahamas,” said Gardiner. “When you look at it through those lens, the scores are only part of the story and will not be seen or interpreted as the whole story. Scores cannot be the only measurement or barometer when you include the wider experience and development for the team and the way forward for bowling in the country. The is just the beginning of the evaluation and assessment phase of the trip,” he added.

Team Colombia stunned the top ranked nations with an outstanding and impressive 4,113 total pins count to finish first overall in the trios. They had a 228.50 team average. Mexico came in second with a total pins count of 4,010, and the United States finished third with a 3,978 total pinfall.

Team Bahamas Head Coach and Manager Tyrone Knowles, the president of BBF, has a positive perspective on the performance of the team.

“In bowling, strikes are what you aim for, but sparing is the key. This is one of the takeaways the ladies acknowledged,” he said. “They have a new outlook, new disposition about the game and hopefully this will manifest itself for future international competitions. The girls now see the level of competition and what is required to raise their game. They understand that The Bahamas needs more work to be done if we want to be a force in the sport of bowling. As a bowling community, we cannot retreat. There is still work to be done. The next tournament provides a new opportunity, a new hope, a new purpose and a fresh start.”

Coach Knowles said that despite the low scores, the team remains positive and in good spirits.

The four-member team also competed in singles on Saturday and doubles on Sunday, falling well short of the qualifying standard for the semifinals in the respective categories.

A total of 172 athletes are representing 38 countries at the event which concludes with the masters finals on Friday. The best female bowlers from around the world are competing at the global event. Interested persons can follow action live on the website

Following the World Bowling Women’s Championship, the BBF will send a senior men’s and a senior women’s team to the World Bowling Senior Championships, which is set for early September in Las Vegas.

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