Bahamian influence meets Eastern practice as ESPA

A fusion of the Bahamian bush in a poultice massage to help you discover your inner calm and well-being

Potent Bahamian bush has come together with the Eastern practice of the Thai poultice massage for an amazing Bahamian Influence body treatment at ESPA spa at Baha Mar.

Traditional massage method is a stepping stone – the addition of Bahamian indigenous herbs makes for an indulgent therapy that allows you to rediscover your inner calm and well-being.

Bahamian Influence is a bespoke therapy that is wellness driven to restore inner calm and alleviate deep-seated tension that allows you to leave the spa with a sense of resorted inner rhythm and balance.

A fusion of the potent Bahamian bush – indigenous plants that have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes, meeting the eastern practice of poultice massage – has taken on a whole new meaning at ESPA.

Upon entering the treatment room, you are encouraged to truly let go, and allow the therapist and the bespoke therapy, to work its magic.

You are encouraged to clear your mind from the time you enter the spa’s affirmation hallway and urged to breathe, trust and let go.

My therapist, Destra Price reminded me of the mantra before starting the treatment. She reminded me to relax and allow the treatment to do its work.

Price cleansed my body using essential oils which are often used in aromatherapy, a form of alternative medicine that employs plant extracts to support health and well-being, and restoring salts of the sea to prepare me for the full body and facial massage using a poultice containing herbs and oils to which they added elements of the Bahamian bush.

The goal she said was to restore my sense of clarity, peace, and ultimate relaxation. As their results-driven therapies she said are designed to bring about balance of body and mind, restore rhythm and ignite intuition.

The herbal poultice massage that has been influenced by the Bahamian touch at ESPA provides a deep heat, medicinal muscle treatment that dates back to 14th century Thailand and remains an integral part of traditional Thai medicine.

Poultice has been used for centuries as a detoxification treatment and is frequently used to aid in muscle and soft tissue aches. Soft balls are filled with a special blend of Thai and Chinese herbs, but at ESPA they have taken the healing herbs and spices in the poultice a step further they say, by adding in this instance, the best of the Bahamian bush. The Bahamian-influenced poultice is then steamed for treatment and pressed into sore, aching and fatigued muscles.

The heat-induces muscle relaxation while the herbs relieve muscle and joint pain, helps to increase circulation, and provide nourishment for the skin.

Pure bliss!

By blending the poultice with massage, you receive maximum benefits for the body. My heated muscles became more open to manipulation by Price during the hands-on massage. The herbs provide a detoxifying boost to any form of massage.

Anyone feeling sore and achy will truly benefit from the deep, soothing, aromatic comfort that comes with this poultice massage with touches of Bahamian influence.

The body absorbs the heat. The herbs help to reduce aches and pains, stimulate circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, detoxify, and condition the skin.

During the facial massage, Price stimulated pressure points, which she says helps to promote healthy skin while relaxing the muscles in the face. She said it really has a rejuvenating effect, and helps you to look and feel better.

Price, a 14-year dual therapist says what she likes most about the Bahamian influence treatment is that it’s a way for clients to get a deep therapeutic respite.

She says the Bahamian influence treatment is especially beneficial because it “contains the incredible powers of the Bahamian bush,” including several herbs and spices inclusive of turmeric, orange, ginger, aloe and sage which she says helps to reduce joint and muscle pain, ease tension and alleviate muscle cramps, reduce swelling, increasing overall well-being while stress levels decrease.

“Traditional massage methods are a stepping stone, but the Bahamian influence using indigenous herbs makes for an indulgent therapy that really works,” said Price.

After having this treatment based on the rhythmic strokes used, and the Eastern practice of poultice massage, I can honestly say I felt a true sense of clarity, I was at peace in the moment, and tried to hold on to that relaxed feeling for as long as possible.

The Bahamian Influence treatment is decadent at 80 minutes, but for an extra touch of decadence, opt for the 110-minute option.

I topped off the Bahamian Influence treatment with an advanced manicure and pedicure – replenishing and nourishing treatments that leave hands smooth, and nails conditioned, and that restores softness and energy to overworked feet. Continuing with the theme of ultimate relaxation, legs and feet are treated to a relaxing acupressure point massage to ease areas of tension, and a softening and hydration heat treatment.

And in the era of COVID, safety protocols are strictly adhered to when visiting ESPA. Current ESPA procedures and protocols allow for non-hotel guests to indulge in ESPA spa services. Guests, visitors, and residents who have proof of being fully vaccinated and having passed the two-week immunity period are exempt from COVID-19 testing requirements for entry. In an effort to maintain a safe environment for their guests and associates, ESPA requires that non-vaccinated guests coming to ESPA have a negative COVID-19 rapid antigen test taken within five days at Doctors Hospital or Family Medicine Center testing facility; when entering Baha Mar spa patrons will be required to show proof of a negative antigen test along with a valid ESPA reservation.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by spa personnel with a friendly smile before you are asked to sit in their wait area until a sanitized tablet in a tray is presented to you, and you are invited to remove it from the tray, sign in and return to the tray – a contactless procedure. After signing in, the relaxation begins from you walk the length of their affirmation hallway, change and seated in the wait area for your therapist. Price greeted me with a hand placed across her chest, and a smile that came through despite her mask; and masks are required every step of the way so that you feel protected and the staff remains safe.

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