Bahamian winner of UK Top Model competition has many talents

When Alexandria Pinder won the UK Top Model competition on September 18 this year, she gained international attention and glamorously added to the list of fantastic people who have helped to put The Bahamas on the map. She went through a series of rigorous competitions that tested the contestants’ mettle and ability to handle any situation thrown at them and come out beautiful. Alexandria not only proved she had what it took to win the competition, but she also captured the personal style award. But behind her striking face and stunning pose is a hardworking island girl who is carving out a name for herself in another niche – media.

If you’re a fan of the Fire Storm show on 103FM The Beat, then you know that Alexandria brings the radio alive with the latest music hits from 8 pm to 10 pm, Monday to Wednesday. But what you likely don’t know is that she is the producer, making things happen behind the scenes of the popular Rodney Moncur Show. She produces the Island Luck TV special each weekday from 4 pm to 6 pm.

Her talents are truly homegrown. After graduating from Mt. Carmel Preparatory Academy, she went on to the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI), where she obtained a media technology degree. Alexandria learned how to mix voice overs, commercials, and songs. During her second year at BTVI, her class had to do a special assignment for Royal Bank of Canada Race for the Kids. Each student had to mix and master their own commercial. Alexandria’s commercial was the one chosen and played on the radio for this special event.

Since then, Alexandria has been making steady progress making her media dreams come true, whether it’s in front of the camera or behind the scenes in the production chair. The fact that she was bold enough to get on a plane and travel to the United Kingdom to a world full of strangers and actually win one of the toughest model competitions in the world, has given her the confidence to believe in herself even more and fulfill all her dreams.

In addition to her busy schedule on radio and television, this top model is about to launch her own promotional company. Ace Point Promotions will bring to life her vision not only to promote herself, but other talented individuals as well. The company will serve as a marketing tool that will specialize in providing promotional services and finding great multicultural talent for events and other projects. Her network allows her to bring some of the best talent together and promote them to the world.

“Besides modelling, the entertainment industry is second nature to me,” Alexandria told Pulse.

“I enjoy writing lyrics and recording songs. I am still learning and mastering my skills in order to create some great work.

“I just picked up a new skill, learning to play the piano with my favorite instructor Ms. Sandlee (the pianist). I do believe this skill will assist with my overall performance in the music industry.”

Hearing all of that, you may think that Alexandria has her hands full. However, she has found the time to launch yet another business. That gorgeous, bountiful, curly afro that she sports in some of her photos looks effortless, but comes with much time and care. Her love of natural hair and her research in finding ways to care for it and make it look gorgeous inspired her to start a hair care line. Her product line for Natural Rootz Hair Care “The More You Grow, the More You Glow” is in progress.

A UK Top Model executive will be heading to The Bahamas in early 2022 to meet with Alexandria and help her plan her next move as UK top model. Top Model is the leading model awards, model search and fashion event with a proven track record of discovering new model talent, showcasing fabulous designers, launching careers and creating dreams. Alexandria receives a host of top awards and prizes, professional coaching, being dressed by leading designers and more.

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