Bahamians among bartenders from 11 countries in Mount Gay Caribbean cocktail competition

The world’s oldest running rum distillery has invited bartenders from across the Caribbean to submit their own Mount Gay Black Barrel and Mount Gay XO cocktail recipes for a chance to win coveted prizes. In the phased competition, bartenders will participate in a masterclass hosted by United States Brand Ambassador Darrio Prescod, and showcase their creation using Black Barrel and XO on their social media channels.

Following the first competition phase, Bahamian bartenders competed at home during the month of June. Industry experts judged their creation, presentation, brand knowledge and originality. The finalists will be announced by July 2 and will be awarded a $500 prize and a trip to Barbados to compete on International Rum Day on August 16. The winner of the final competition will take home an all-expense paid trip to London Rum Festival, October 14-18, where they will be immersed in the London bar scene and have the opportunity to experience the iconic rum fest.

“We’re thrilled to see this competition come to fruition,” said Raphaël Grisoni, managing director at Mount Gay. “After putting this to the side due to travel restrictions, we’re happy to see bartenders all over the Caribbean excited to create their own XO and Black Barrel cocktails for the global stage.”

The competition will also run locally in Turks & Caicos, Barbados, United State Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Antigua, Trinidad, St. Marteen and St. Barths during the final weeks of June with semifinalists announced by July1.

Each entry on social media received a $50 cash prize. For more information contact: Angela Moss at a.moss@bahamianbrewery.com

Mount Gay is the world’s oldest running rum distillery established in 1703. Founded and still located in the Parish of St Lucy, at the northernmost tip of Barbados, Mount Gay is crafted using pure, coral-filtered water and the finest Barbadian and Caribbean molasses. Distilled in traditional double copper pot and copper column stills, Mount Gay rums are aged in a diverse selection of casks including American whiskey, Bourbon and Cognac. Harnessing over 300 years of heritage and expertise, Mount Gay rums are a fine balance between science, art and innovation. Blended by Master Blender Trudiann Branker and aged under the influence of Barbados’ tropical climate, our rums highlight a unique, rich and flavorful character. Mount Gay’s core range includes Mount Gay Silver, Mount Gay Eclipse, Mount Gay Black Barrel and Mount Gay XO alongside the annual limited-edition collection The Master Blender Collection. In addition to crafting the world’s oldest rum, Mount Gay is committed at all times to the use of sustainable and transparent practices in order to realize our vision of environmental stewardship and carbon neutrality.

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