Bail management system to be introduced

The government is getting ready to launch an automated bail management system, which will allow individuals to apply for bail with their biometrics, Chief Justice Brian Moree, QC, said.

Moree said kiosks will be installed at locations across New Providence where people can fill out their applications.

“I must say that the way in which we are dealing with bail applications today is a little bit different than before,” he said in an interview outside Government House.

“First of all, we’re trying to automate the system by introducing something which we’re calling the bail management system.

“This is going to turn the whole process of bail applications, whether or not you’re represented by a lawyer, into an automated system. It’s going to allow us to expedite the hearing of these applications. It’s also going to allow us to better monitor and track those persons in the system.

“It’s going to involve installing kiosks at the correctional center, at the criminal registry and at a number of the larger police stations on New Providence.

“And persons are going to be able now to apply for bail, whether they are representing themselves or not, through their biometrics. They’re going to go to a kiosk, fill out all the necessary information. The application will be forwarded directly to the criminal registry and judges have been assigned to deal with these applications. So, we hope to actually improve in our ability to dispose of these applications one way or the other.”

Moree said he expects the system to be launched very early next year.

“I am very hopeful that the bail management system will actually be launched before the end of January next year,” he said.

“We have already done a lot of work on this. We’ve developed a software. It’s finished. We’ve done our training with all the stakeholders.

“The equipment has been largely completed and installed in many of the locations.

“We still have a few issues with some of the kiosks that we’re working with in some of the police stations, but we hope that that bail management system is going to be rolled out certainly before the end of January.”

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