Ban international travel

Dear Editor,

It may hurt our economy as well as affect the livelihood for thousands of Bahamians, but at this point, you must do the job that must be done.

Taking note of what’s happening around the world, especially situations near our border, I think in all it’s fairness, it’s time to place The Bahamas under guard.

It is time to ban all international travels.

At this point, we cannot take risks in our small nation.

An incurable disease of this magnitude with this much effect will spread through our nation like wildfire, risking the life of the now sick, elderly, children and thousands of Bahamians.

I would rather lose financially than to lose the ones who we love. We may go through an economic hardship but I prefer that than heartbreak.

We must do what is in the best interest of the Bahamian people. We must protect our citizens, and if we are going to act as a nation, the time is now!

It is time for our prime minister and this government to make the tough decision.

– Dr. Matheo Smith

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