Ban on smoking in public places and working areas

Dear Editor,

According to the World Health Organization data last year (2018), some 482 persons died from cancer and another 933 persons were diagnosed with cancer in The Bahamas. It is a result of these frightening statistics that I write to express my concerns about smoking and its harmful effects on non-smokers, questioning the policy positions of the government in this regard.

Numerous scientific research studies have proven the harmful effects of smoking on the health of both the smoker as well as non-smokers. Smoking and second-hand smoking have been scientifically proven to cause numerous forms of cancer, heart disease and other respiratory illnesses.

I note in The Nassau Guardian article “Cancer killed 482 Bahamians in 2018” that some 25 cases of lung cancer were diagnosed in that year. This is very concerning as smoking and its deadly second-hand effects are known to be a major contributor to lung cancer.

As a law-abiding, non-smoker Bahamian citizen who works in a smoke-infested environment that results in employees, such as I and the overwhelming majority of staff inhaling poisonous smoky air, it is my sincere desire to hear and to read about what are the government policy initiatives towards both banning smoking in public places and work environments in the promotion of health and wellness.

Too many employees are being subjected to inhale toxic, harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes and other tobacco-related products that has a harmful effect on our health in the tourism sector, casinos, prison, restaurants and nightclubs, etc.

In most modern and progressive nations smoking is strictly regulated and is banned in public places and work environments. I shall humbly await to read of the current administration’s objectives towards doing the same to save lives and in the promotion of greater health and wellness.

Thanks for allowing me to express my written concerns in your highly esteemed newspaper.

– Concerned citizen

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