BCF hosts FIDE Trainer’s Seminar

Another milestone has been achieved by the Bahamas Chess Federation (BCF) as they partnered with the Ministry of Education; the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture; and Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE), and recently hosted a free FIDE Trainer’s Seminar.

The intense three-day seminar took place at Centreville Medical Centre from July 27 to July 29, culminating with a final exam.

Successful candidates were awarded one of four titles – FIDE Trainer, FIDE Instructor, National Instructor or Developmental Instructor.

The international certification will be recognized by federations around the world. These titles will also enable recipients to travel to international chess competitions as a head coach, to be certified to offer private lessons, run chess clubs and, most importantly, to be able to give back to the community by sharing the gift of chess.

The instructor for the seminar was FIDE Trainer Darcy Lima. Lima is a chess grandmaster and deputy president of International Chess Federation for Americas (CCA), president of Brazilian Mind Sports Association (ABRESPI) and president of the Brazilian Chess Federation. The three-day seminar attracted 23 participants, which included teachers, community center workers, coaches and future constituency club leaders from the islands of Grand Bahama, Andros and New Providence.

Evon Wisdom, senior education officer of interscholastic sport, Ministry of Education, encouraged seminar participants to use the knowledge they gained to assist young persons in their communities.

“Impart the skills you have attained during this seminar to some child. You will appreciate giving back and helping someone else more than anything else you do. That is what this certification is for,” Wisdom said.

He added, “If you get this certification and all you want it for is to travel, that is not a ministry, that is something that benefits you. There are many children throughout our community who are challenged but have an innate talent. You have something, you have a skill. Spread the love.”

The free FIDE Trainer’s Seminar is a part of what BCF is describing as the organization’s Summer of Chess.

The Summer of Chess kicked off with the free BCF month-long chess summer camp, followed by the FIDE Trainer’s Seminar. The Summer of Chess will culminate with the free Chess in Education School Instructor Online Seminar. The goal of the seminar is to train teachers how to use chess as a pedagogical aid.

“I am happy with the seminar turnout. BCF has taken another great step forward. It was a very informative and educational seminar,” exclaimed Elton Joseph, president of the Bahamas Chess Federation.

He added, “The BCF executive committee would like to thank the ministries and the MedNet Group of Companies, a sponsor of the seminar, for working with us on this very important project.

“The BCF will support our great participants who have taken up the mantle to equip themselves to assist in the development of our nation. We also look forward to the final event of our BCF Summer of the Chess initiative, our free ‘Chess in Education School Instructor Online Seminar’. Our goal is to attract participants from more than three islands for this seminar.”

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