BCP did not join Coalition of Independents

Contrary to reports circulating, the Bahamas Constitution Party (BCP) has not joined the Bahamian Evolution and the Coalition of Independents (COI). The reports were placed forward by the Bahamian Evolution team based on meetings held on March 31 and April 1, when the BCP responded to an invitation to meet and discuss some type of coalition.

The BCP met and presented a written proposal on April 1, which was initially agreed to by COI officials, and then later rejected after some discussions and amendments. The talks came to an end last Thursday, April 8th, because of differences that are irreconcilable at this time.

The Bahamas Constitution Party stands strong in its mandate to contest the next general election with Christian and morally upright men and women who believe in good and righteous governance.

We are committed to bringing strong democratic action and change to The Bahamas, while providing innovative and creative vision for the restructuring of Bahamian society and diversification of the Bahamian economy.

The Bahamas Constitution Party is a strong organization with transparent principles of leadership, and is resolute in its mandate to build partnerships for governance with individuals and organizations that share its values and its commitment to unity, cooperation and power-sharing.

Over the past 12 months, the BCP has led continuous talks with all third-party leaders regarding collaborations for the next general election and has successfully partnered with three organizations thus far.

The party remains at the table for amenable conversations with other third-party officials as it begins to chart its own course towards leading its own partnership for governance campaign.

The Bahamas Constitution Party is extending an invitation to persons and organizations who are seriously committed to good and righteous governance, where the principles of integrity and transparency are enshrined in both the process of politics and the institution of government. This matter of integrity – based on the BCP’s philosophy is more noble than expediency and is never negotiable.

While the BCP seeks a partnership for governance for this upcoming election, it does not believe that all third parties should be dissolved and amalgamated into one big party.

The BCP does believe that parties must come together in a working relationship for this coming election, but for future and democratic purposes, several of the substantive third parties must be prepared to spread out and operate in a democratic fashion in Parliament after the election; once the regime of the PLP and FNM is removed, and new fresh democracy is established.

The BCP announced 16 candidates in March, and is preparing other candidates for ratification.

It is also seeking partners so that persons from various political organizations could be included in a BCP led coalition.

In preparation for the general election 2022, the BCP recently launched an electronic/online version of the BCP BluePrint for Governance: Mandate 2022, to the general public. It is a 94-page document which is available on the party’s website at www.bcpparty.org.

— S. Ali McIntosh

BCP servant leader

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