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Believers’ Gospel Chapel pastor says evangelism is a way of life

“Evangelism is not just going out and teaching the gospel, it is a way of life, because people can come to know Christ by the way they act toward them,” said Pastor Roderick Rolle.

The Believers’ Gospel Chapel pastor said, until Christ’s return, people should be doing God’s work. And during his Sunday sermon, he reminded his congregation that they are on borrowed time.

“One day, this breath will leave our bodies, and we will move from earth to eternity, and it behooves every one of us to make sure that our calling and election is sure,” said Rolle.

“We are supposed to be going into the highways and byways preaching and teaching about the gospel – the good news of Jesus Christ.”

The pastor, in his sermon, said in the midst of the pandemic, it may not look dark when people look outside, but spiritually, people are living in dark times – and God is giving everyone an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their lord and savior.

“We are living in the last days,” preached Rolle. “From the day the Holy Spirit descended on Earth, we were in the last days. From the day Peter got up and declared that this is what the prophet Joel spoke about, we were in the last days. The Bible says in the last days, the Lord said I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, and God is pouring out his spirit on all flesh.”

He reminded them that God is not a respecter of persons. And that God doesn’t care whether a person is a Jew or Gentile, male or female, child or adult. He said if they are a willing “vessel”, God is going to use them.

The pastor reminded the congregants that once they are in the family of God, it’s a call and command of obedience. When claiming Christianity, he said, as Christians, the call is obedience. He said that people are sometimes faced with things that hinder them from doing all they can for God, but that at the end of the day, God wants his people to be obedient rather than sacrificing.

“When we are obedient to God, there will be no need for sacrifices”, said Rolle. “There will be no need in this dispensation for prayer of repentance. If you don’t sin, then there’s no need to repent.”

He said people must believe that the gospel is able to change lives, but many people do not witness or engage in telling others about Christ. This, he said, is the result of their own disbelief in the power of the gospel.

“Anything you believe in, you share with people. A lot of time, we are not sharing the gospel because we really don’t believe it. We do not believe that Jesus Christ is going to reward us for the things that we do in his name. We do not believe we have power over Satan. We recite them, we say it, we read it, teach it, but we really don’t believe it.”

He said people’s belief have to start at home.

“People have to know where you live that you are saved – that you know Jesus Christ. People have to know on your job that you are a believer. They must know that if they have a problem, they can come to you to seek prayer. They must believe this and you must believe this. We must believe that the gospel is able to change people’s lives,” said Rolle. “We must believe beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. We must believe that accepting Jesus Christ will change the quality of our lives.”

And he said that quality of life is not about money, but rather having peace in the midst of storms, and joy in the midst of sorrow.

“It is all about being sure that when this life would have come to an end, you have another building. It is being sure that when this life has come to an end, your salvation … your soul is secured,” said Rolle. “Before I can convince somebody that the gospel is true and real, I must be convinced myself that the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses me from all of my unrighteousness. I must be convinced myself that Jesus died on Calvary’s cross over 2,000 years ago. I must be convinced myself that the devil can do me no harm – that God has empowered me for victory. I must believe myself that no weapon that is formed against me shall be able to prosper.”

Rolle told his congregants that it all starts internally and that they can then help new believers understand the importance of studying God’s word.

He told them that the key to salvation is a person’s heart. And that a person must have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ to be saved.

The pastor reminded believers that they have to let new converts know that the road will not be easy for them as being saved does not insulate them.

“Being saved does not mean you were broke and now that you’re saved your bank account will automatically be full of money. Being saved means that you are going to be the object of Satan’s darts. You are going to be the object of the demonic forces that are all around us. You are going to have a bullseye on your life because Satan is going to try to destroy you,” he said. “Jesus said if any man should follow me, he should take up his cross.”

He advocates teaching people the correct things, so that when they are faced with troubles and trials that they don’t find it strange. He said God promised to protect his people from the enemy and that even though they will suffer, in the end his people will wear a crown.

“Jesus suffered, the apostles suffered, and so because Jesus suffered, we are going to suffer, too. Our suffering may be in a different way, in a different manner, but we are going to suffer.”

Rolle reminded them that God’s miracles further authenticates ministry.

“There are people who don’t believe that God does not work in the miraculous anymore and as long as you believe that you will not see a miracle, you will never experience one,” he said. “If you don’t believe in miracles and signs and wonders, it will not happen in your life, but it doesn’t mean that God ceases to exist and he ceases to operate in the miraculous.”

Rolle encouraged the congregants to recognize in the midst of going out, that God will continue to work miraculously in their life. But when they are stubborn and disobedient, they don’t experience anything.

He also said their prosperity is in God’s hands and that prosperity is when a doctor gives a person a time to live. God says no. When you leave your house in the morning and have no food in your cupboard, come home, and have something to place on the table to eat. Prosperity, he told them, is when they hear sirens at night and bad things are happening in the world and they have peace. Prosperity, he said, is parents realizing no matter how far their children stray, that God is keeping them. Prosperity, he said, is when a person can trust in the Lord and allow him to direct your path. Rolle said there is no prosperity outside of God.

“If you want to ensure that the presence of God is actively involved in your life, get saved and do the work of Christ,” he encouraged. “It is then that you command his presence. You have the authority of heaven backing you when you walk in obedience. We have to recognize that if we are going to be a people to bask in the presence of the triune God, we must be a people who are saved, sanctified with the Holy Spirit – a people who are walking in obedience to God’s every command.”

He told them if they invite the Savior into their heart, he will come in, take up residence and never forsake them.

“Whether you are male or female, young or old, we all need Jesus,” said Rolle.

He implored the congregation to give Jesus the opportunity to be head of their life and for believers to continue to do the work of Christ. He told them the gospel is able to change lives.

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