Before death, landlord from bizarre event ‘had spent more time with son’

The man who died along with his young son under bizarre circumstances in New Providence earlier this week was trying to be more involved in his other son’s life before his death, according to his estranged wife.

Jermaine Miller, 42 , and his 22-month-old son Anwar Miller died under unusual circumstances early Tuesday morning after the man allegedly attacked his tenants in the middle of the night at an apartment on Family Street off Soldier Road.

Sheniqua Dorvil, 27, was married to Miller and they had a six-year-old son together. Anwar is Miller’s son by another woman.

Dorvil said Miller was spending more time with their son, and he had expressed gratitude to her for allowing them to spend more time together.

In the days leading up to the tragic incident, Miller had both his sons with him, according to Dorvil.

She said their son was in Miller’s care when the incident unfolded and she saw him hours before the tragedy.

“Him and my son came by my work and he came and he picked up clothes,” Dorvil recalled.

“He was in a rush. When he pulled up to my work he was okay. He didn’t look like anyone that was going through anything.”

But hours later, a shocking incident unfolded.

According to Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson, officers responded to reports that two men were fighting on Family Street around 12:30 a.m.

“On their arrival, they met a male who gave them some information and told them that he was being attacked by his landlord,” Johnson said on Tuesday afternoon.

By the end of the encounter, Miller and his 22-month-old son were dead. The toddler didn’t have visible wounds, however, “there was some discoloration of the skin”.

Johnson said autopsies will need to be performed to determine the exact causes of death.

“It could have been my son too,” Dorvil lamented.

Her son was left behind at Miller’s apartment in the Carmichael area. He was there with Anwar’s mother, according to Dorvil.

“It’s so sad about the baby. I was trying to figure out why would he take the baby. Why take the baby, and not take all two of your children? What was going on?” she wondered.

Speaking of Miller, who worked as a taxi driver, Dorvil said, “He was a provider, a hustler, a go getter.

“He was a nice person and stayed to himself. He didn’t mix. He was always speaking of goals. He had ambition.”

Dorvil said Miler was an excellent landlord before the attack.

“He was the best landlord anybody would want to have,” she said.

“You can call him and say you will be late on rent and it’s no problem as long as you are straight up and you are honest.

“He was probably trying to find somebody to talk to and he didn’t know who to talk to. I just don’t know. I was lost.

“I was saying if he needed somebody to talk to he could have come to me and he could have talked to me.

“I really didn’t know if he was going through anything but he didn’t seem like he was going through anything. But when I heard what happened I thought he must have been going through something.”

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