Beginner’s tournament feeds growing popularity for squash

Four Walls Squash & Social Club is gearing up to host its inaugural beginner’s squash tournament this month.

On Sunday October 24, players will go head-to-head to compete for bragging rights and prizes, including a trip to the Family Islands. This comes as the new squash club continues to grow as a hotspot for professionals to enjoy a fun fitness alternative.

“The tournament is the first of many on our annual calendar to keep members engaged and to promote a wellness lifestyle. Many Bahamians are discovering squash, the sport, for the first time, and like I did, they are falling in love, especially if they like to play sports as a form of exercise,” said Wellness and Activities Coordinator, and Chief Marketing Officer of Four Walls Noelle Nicolls. “We are thankful to our sponsors, International Private Banking Systems, Milo, Exotic Sound Design, and Technical Adjusters Bahamas Limited for making this event possible.”

Having just opened the club in 2020, Four Walls has been steadily growing its community of squash players on its three indoor squash courts. Its membership has more than tripled in the last nine months with the majority of registrations being beginners participating in the club’s affordable Learn-to-Play program. Even amidst COVID-19, interest in the niche sport of squash has grown.

“We’ve been focused on creating a safe environment for players and staff so that active professionals who want to exercise outside of the gym can discover a new sport and a new way to work out. Even those who are just starting quickly find the sport to be addictive. It’s relatively easy to learn and fun to play, and it thrives on a social environment,” said Membership and Squash Director, and CEO of Four Walls Michael Fields. The tournament matches will be live streamed on the Four Walls Facebook page.

Beginner squash player Beijing Rodgers was introduced to squash while on a date, and has been hooked on the sport ever since.

“I’m an athlete at heart so I fell in love with the sport because of how vigorous it is and how fit it makes you,” said Rodgers, who eventually joined the club’s adult coaching sessions. “The tournament is going to be the first time that I play with all of my friends in a competitive manner. I’m excited to play with them and put all of what I’ve learnt into the tournament.”

Four Walls closed its popular outdoor patio for renovations earlier this summer to weatherproof the patio and build a permanent indoor/outdoor bar. Its urban garden setting had become a hotspot for live music and hanging out. When renovations are completed, Four Walls will open its neighborhood sports bar and grill with new activities and food offerings. Until then, the athletics part of the facility is open for business. Learn-to-Play classes take place five days per week (Monday to Thursday, from 4-6 p.m. and on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) with affordable group coaching.

Since renovating the Village Road property last year, Four Walls has been reviving the niche sport, building an active membership of professionals who embrace a healthy lifestyle and like to exercise outside of the gym. 

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