Bethel encourages Dorian survivors to report missing loved ones

Attorney General Carl Bethel yesterday encouraged undocumented migrants whose relatives are still missing following Hurricane Dorian to make a report to the authorities, noting that their immigration statuses will not be raised during the process.

“You know, we’re not sure we’re getting a fully accurate picture…,” Bethel said.

“Nobody is going to be asked any questions about their status if they are performing a lawful function, such as reporting a missing person, etc.”

It has been three months since Dorian pulverized Abaco and Grand Bahama.

The Category 5 hurricane impacted nearly 30,000 people and killed at least 70.

As of October 18, there were 282 individuals still missing.

There have been no updates on the figures since October.

Bethel continued, “…I’d like to encourage every single person who has any evidence or any information about any person that is missing – whatever their status – to come forward.

“If you are not comfortable going to the police directly, you can contact the Office of the Attorney General. We’ll have somebody assist you by providing someone at our offices perhaps to take a statement that is a sworn statement so that we can get people to bring forward such information as they have.”

There were reports that the missing persons’ number had increased to more than 300. 

However, last month, Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson told The Nassau Guardian that it was “too early” to disclose how many people are missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

“I have not released any figures on the missing persons during the hurricane,” Ferguson said on November 5.

He added, “…I think as time goes on, as the investigation goes on, you’ll find that we’ll be in a position to kind of give an estimate of persons.”

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