Better again

Dear Editor,

The number of people who succumbed to COVID-19 in The Bahamas is well over 600. The three main hospitals – Princess Margaret, Doctors and Rand Memorial – are operating beyond their capacity to deliver quality healthcare. To make matters even worse, on the economic side, the unemployment rate stands at an all-time high.

While this is our present dismal state of affairs, we must continue to strive to make things better. We must continue to create innovative ways of teaching our children, and continue to create new means of employment; we must continue to find ways to connect with one another and we have to continue to ensure that people get back to work.

In other words, we must persist in reaching out to help our brothers and sisters rise above the valley of despair and the doldrums of social and economic loss.

The colors red, yellow, green and black have lost their relevance for now because the campaigns are over. The MPs are the representatives of the people regardless of their political persuasion, religious affiliation or socioeconomic status.

To prosper, we must work together so that our COVID-19 death rate drops off significantly, our hospitals operate more efficiently, and our unemployment rate falls off drastically.

Now is the time for love and unity to be felt more, to be seen more and to be expressed more in all areas of our community. And above all, we must be constant in prayer for full recovery to take place because God is our way maker, our miracle worker and our promise keeper. He will see us through the dark clouds of the pandemic and the awful effects of Dorian. His help is here and much more is on the way.

When that new day comes — the day of abundance, the day of full recovery, the day in the sunshine — once again we shall truly say that it is better in The Bahamas.

Rev. Perry R. Cunningham

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