Bidder reveals plans for cruise port

Global Ports Holding (GPH) has revealed its intention to make the Port of Nassau a “demand-driven port” as opposed to the “convenience port” it currently is.

GPH is one of the bidders in the Nassau port redevelopment request for proposals (RFP). GPH is the world’s largest independent cruise port operator.

In a press release, GPH states it will create a port that will no longer be a port of convenience for cruise lines, but a destination demanded for its amenities and offerings.

The release further states that GPH will focus on increasing cruise passenger spending, thereby boosting the Bahamian economy.

GPH CEO Emre Sayin said his company is interested in creating a port that will serve as the catalyst for the revitalization of downtown.

“We recognize the potential of the Nassau cruise port to benefit not only Nassau, but The Bahamas as a whole, boosting the entire economy,” said Sayin.

“For us, this project is not just about improving the port, but rather about how improving the port will serve as a catalyst for revitalizing the downtown core, rebranding Nassau as a destination, and bringing more people to The Bahamas.

“While the cruise passenger arrival experience and improvements to the facilities are major factors in the success in each of the 15 cruise ports that we currently operate, a big part of our job is also to support the people of each destination that we serve. Currently, cruise lines prefer Nassau due to its proximity to major Florida ports. Our mission is to create a passenger demand-driven port from a convenience port.”

Sayin said The Bahamas is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in the world and that GPH wants to enhance that beauty through its creativity and innovation.

According to the release, GPH has had six cruise ports recognized the best in the world by cruise review website Cruise Critic. Those ports were Barcelona, Malaga, Venice, Lisbon, Singapore, and Havana.

“If successful in its cruise port bid, Global Ports Holding will collaborate with members of the business community, especially those downtown, toward achieving goals tied to the port redevelopment process,” the release notes.

“These include getting more passengers to come off the ships and into Nassau; getting them to spend more money in the port; and driving more hotel visitors and Bahamians downtown to support Bahamian businesses there.”

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