BJC and BGCSE exam results worsen

National exam results have worsened this year compared to the year before.

Fewer students sat the core Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) subjects of math, English and science this year.

There was a decrease in the number of students who achieved at least a grade of C in these subjects in 2019 compared to 2018.

Four hundred and eighty-four students received at least a C grade in those subjects this year.

This represents a 1.22 percent decrease when compared to the 490 students who achieved a C grade or better last year.

The results for this year represent the worst it has been in at least four years.

In 2015, there were 570 students who achieved at least a grade of C in these core subjects.

Five hundred and seventy-four students scored this in 2016, and 521 in 2017.

A total of 6,453 students sat the national exam in 2019, representing a 3.89 percent decrease over 2018.

Last year, 6,714 students sat the exam.

Additionally, fewer students achieved a grade of C in at least five subjects this year.

The 760 students who got a C or above in five subjects, represent a 5.71 percent decrease when compared to the 806 students who achieved this in 2018.

Eight hundred and eighty students achieved at least five subjects with passing marks in 2017, and 903 achieved it in 2016.

In 2015, nine hundred and sixty-one students obtained at least a C grade in five or more subjects.

The number of students who received a grade of D or above decreased considerably, from 1,338 in 2018 to 1,213 this year. This represents a 9.34 percent decrease.

The Ministry of Education noted that the exam is designed “to show what students know, understand and can do after having completed a prescribed course of study”.

It noted that the BGCSE is an indication of a student’s achievement and potential rather than “the sum total of their worth”.

“It is to be noted that there are other factors that have an impact on how candidates perform on the examination,” the ministry said.

“The factors both internal and external to the system of schooling, mitigate against good performance, and ought to be given some consideration when results are being reviewed.”

Of the 27 subjects tested, improvements were noted in six subjects, according to the results.

These include bookkeeping and accounts, office procedures, keyboarding, biology, graphical communication, and clothing construction.

The highest percentage of grades awarded continued to be a grade of C.

More than 6,700 C grades were awarded, representing 28.43 percent of grades assigned.

According to the results, 8.46 percent of grades awarded were A’s; 12.59 percent were B’s and 20.68 percent of grades issued were D’s.

A further 13.16 percent of grades awarded were E’s; 8.56 percent were F’s; 5.29 percent were G’s and 2.81 percent of grades handed down were U’s.

The U grade indicates that a student failed to show any positive achievement in the subject.


BJC results 

A total of 11,137 students sat the Bahamas Junior Certificate (BJC) examinations this year compared to the 11,828 students who took the exams in 2018.

This represents a 5.84 percent decrease in students sitting BJCs.

In 2019, there were 1,267 students who achieved at least a grade of C in math, English and science.

This indicates an 18.36 percent decrease when compared to the 1,552 students who got at least a C in the core subjects in 2018.

The results show that 1,501 students achieved at least a grade of C in five subjects.

This represents a 6.19 percent decrease in performance when compared to the 1,600 students the year before.

Overall, the percentage of students achieving grades A through D also decreased by 6.17 percent this year, when compared to 2018.

The Nassau Guardian contacted Minister of Education Jeffrey Lloyd for a copy of the results, which are normally released to the press in August or early September each year.

Lloyd told The Guardian that he directed the results be distributed to the press two weeks ago.

The Guardian did not receive any results then.

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