Blue Lagoon Island going cashless

When it resumes operations, Blue Lagoon Island will be cashless and predominantly digital, Regional Director of Blue Lagoon Island and Ocean World Diego Tripaldi said yesterday.

As it prepares for a “new culture of service” in the COVID-19 era, Tripaldi said the company has redesigned its operations to include more open-air facilities, crowd control temperature screening controls and contactless payments, among other things.

“Basically, we’ve decided to go cashless in both properties in The Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. We also have done the reduction of capacities in certain areas and we’ve gone digital. For example, we’ve implemented a program where we’ve gone completely digital on the waivers and we have different scenarios. For example, at Blue Lagoon we’ve received clients from different sources not only from the cruise lines but also from the hotels and direct bookings. So for each client we have different systems, all of them digital,” he said during a Ministry of Tourism cruise and maritime sector webinar.

“We will eliminate the use of paper menus in all the food and beverage outlets by implementing QR codes that can be easily read with any smart phone. So the only thing you have to do is when you sit down in one of our restaurants you will see a sticker on the table that has a QR code. You just open your phone’s camera, you place the camera near the QR code and the menu pops up in your phone. So, you can choose from the menu, the waiter will come, you will give your order and we are minimizing any risk with COVID-19 by not handling any paper menus.

“What happens when we have a person that does not have a smart phone? We know there are a lot of people that do not travel, especially the elderly people, with smart phones. So, for them we are implementing plasma screens and stand-up banners that contain the menus, so people can read it and place their order.”

Also of critical importance is promoting that everything is being done virtually. To that end, the tourist attraction is in the process of developing a mobile application.

“With the cruise lines that is not an issue because we get all the reservations from them. But for guests that are maybe staying in hotels on Nassau, for example, we are promoting that all of the bookings are done online,” Tripaldi said.

“We’ve hired a company to do the development of a new app. This app will be something that guests that are coming to Blue Lagoon Island can download on their phone and they will have all the information we have.”

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