BOB clarifies judgment in case involving Leslie Miller, govt

Bank of The Bahamas (BOB) through its attorney Gail Lockhart-Charles clarified in a press statement on the weekend that no judgement has been handed down with regard to the bank and its ongoing case with former Progressive Liberal Party Member of Parliament Leslie Miller.

The BOB statement released by Lockhart-Charles explains that a judgment by Justice Cheryl Grant-Thompson regarding an action filed by Leslie Miller and his companies against Bank of The Bahamas, the attorney general, Resolve Bahamas Ltd. and the treasurer of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, which has been reported in the media, does not speak to an adjudication “by any court, of any of Mr. Miller’s claims against Bank of The Bahamas”.

The Tribune reported last week that in July, Grant-Thompson handed down a verdict against the government that awarded Miller $9.8 million for breach of contract related to the renting of space in Miller’s Summerwinds Plaza property for multiple public sector agencies. Those rental plans were allegedly left in place by the former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) administration and reportedly not followed through on by the current administration.

However, the BOB statement noted it understands that Grant-Thompson’s ruling was a draft ruling on an “application made by Mr. Miller and his companies for summary judgment against the attorney general and the treasurer of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas”.

“No application for judgment has been made against the bank,” the BOB statement pointed out.

“Mr. Miller’s application for summary judgment against the attorney general and the treasurer is based on admissions in the defenses of those parties with regard to signed leases between Mr. Miller’s companies and the government.

“The bank has filed a comprehensive defense in the action brought against it by Mr. Miller and his companies. The bank’s defense categorically denies the allegations of conspiracy, breach of contract and breach of constitutional rights made by Mr. Miller and his companies against the bank arising out of the bank’s refusal to extend further credit to Mr. Miller and his companies.”

The statement contends that there been no trial or adjudication regarding claims made by Miller and his companies against the bank.

“The bank takes very seriously the reports in the media that the bank acted in ‘bad faith’ or ‘hand in hand’ with the government,” BOB stated.

BOB contends in the statement that the bank acts independently of the government and did so in the dealings with Miller that lead to the matters landing before the courts.

“The bank stands by its decision and its defense and it will fully respond to Mr. Miller’s claims at trial,” the statement pointed out. 

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