BOB warns customers to beware of phishing attacks

Bank of The Bahamas Limited (BOB) has become aware of a phishing email message that is currently targeting the bank’s customers. The email message, with the subject “debit authorization notification”, “your debit notification”, “your debit alert notice” or similar, appears to come from BOB, however, the bank has not issued this message, nor is the bank in any way associated with this activity.

The message states that the customer has received a debit authorization or a debited amount on his/her account, and recommends that the customer should click the link provided in the email to view details of the transaction via online banking. The link in the message appears to be a valid link to the bank’s website or online banking platform, but it is not. It is a phishing link that is designed to lure customers to a fake website to gain access their personal and financial information.

Bank of The Bahamas is advising customers to scrutinize all emails carefully. If customers receive what appears to be a phishing email or message they should

Never reply to it;

• Never download any attachments in it;

• Never click on any links in it.

The bank also advises that customers should never access its online banking services via links in unsolicited emails. Instead, to avoid scams and identity theft, customers should always access BOB’s online banking service by going directly to the site independently of any emailed links.

BOB customers who have received a suspicious or phishing email should immediately report it to their email service provider and forward the email to

Customers who have clicked on a link in a phishing email and suspect they have provided information to a non-legitimate site should immediately call the BOB Customer Care Centre at (242) 461-3510.

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