Both major political parties have been tried and found wanting

Dear Editor,

In yesterday’s edition of The Bahama Journal, the chairman of the Progressive Liberal Party ( PLP) advised that the Free National Movement (FNM) “should take a good look at itself before lecturing the PLP about governance as Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis should find a remedy to bring healing to the many unresolved national issues”.

The chairman is correct! However, both the PLP and the FNM need to take a look inward. Those who wish to come to governance must offer alternative solutions to unresolved national problems if they have the well being of Bahamians at heart.

Speaking from experience, what is evidenced today by the FNM is no different from what the first members of the PLP leadership did once the taste of power whetted their appetites for more power.

It must not be forgotten that as much as the FNM would wish to deny it, the FNM came out of the “belly” of the PLP. An examination of the structure of both the PLP and the FNM will reveal that there is no appreciable difference between the two parties.

Both the FNM’s and the PLP’s leadership cannot see and have failed to see the value in constructive criticism from without and from within the precincts or the inner temple.

Both the PLP and the FNM have failed to understand that the people of The Bahamas are an integral and essential part of governance.

Both the PLP and the FNM have failed to educate the Bahamian people about their role in the governing process.

Both the PLP and the FNM suffer from the “master-slave” complex when it comes to governance and their attitude towards the Bahamian electorate.

Both the PLP and the FNM have developed an anti-intellectual attitude toward those who have the ability to think critically, objectively and analytically.

Both the PLP and the FNM have taken the position that they (Cabinet), to the exclusion of the intelligencia, know more than those outside the precincts and the rarified air that has endowed its members with superior knowledge. In this regard, both the PLP and the FNM have developed a disdain and disrespect for the electorate.

Black leadership, in both the PLP and the FNM, has failed the Bahamian people. Victimization, corruption, spitefulness, cannibalization, lack of transparency, dishonesty and the destruction of those with an opposing point of view have been and still are rampant in both parties.

With respect to the FNM, Sir Cecil Wallace-Whitfield must be doing somersaults in his grave to see the level to which the FNM has sunk. As I understood it, Sir Cecil saw the formation of the FNM as part and parcel of the deepening of democracy in The Bahamas.

In conclusion, both the PLP and the FNM have lost their original premise and mandate. Both the PLP and the FNM need radical surgery followed by a serious “ring and valve job”. Along with the “ring and valve job,” both the FNM and the PLP need a serious “come to Jesus” conversion and experience.

– Dr. Donald M. McCartney, D.M.

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