BPL: Cooler weather caused lull in load shedding

Cooler temperatures as a result of inclement weather over the past week have caused a noticeable lull in load shedding, according to Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) Director of Public Relations Quincy Parker, but he said with only 14 rental generators online, load shedding is expected to resume once steamier weather returns.

Currently, only 14 of the 25 Aggreko rental units brought in last month are online, Parker confirmed.

“In a manner of speaking, the additional Aggreko units that were supposed to come in, did come in. We still are having challenges with the manufacturer with getting all of the Aggreko rentals installed, but what is installed now has bolstered our own generation fleet to a decent extent,” he said in an interview with Guardian Business.

“We are kind of at the border so to speak. We were expecting one of our major engines to come back online to give us breathing room but that didn’t happen. So, we are kind of at the border.”

Twenty of the new units that were brought into the country last month were reserved for New Providence, while five were sent to the Bimini power plant, which suffered significant damage as a result of a fire in May.

Parker said those five additional units promised to replace the ones sent to Bimini were brought into the country this week to help bolster generation capacity.

However, he said BPL is not out of the woods yet in being able to meet generation demands.

“When the weather dries up and it heats up a bit, I expect that it will be back to load shedding, and there is a possibility that we are going to have to take one of our really big engines offline for repairs and that will really put us at an added disadvantage,” Parker said.

“While we are in this cool place with the bolstering of the additional rental generation we seem to be okay, but we are really kind of on the edge.”

Parker could not say how soon the rental units that remain offline due to manufacturer issues would be repaired and added to the fleet.

“We are working with them to get those units up and running,” he said.

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