BPL: Let there be light

Dear Editor,

The current state of electricity service to New Providence has reached a crisis level and must be made a national priority.

Electricity to households and businesses has become unreliable and is interrupted for far too often and far too long. Traffic lights are off regularly, and even church services and funerals are made to endure heat and darkness.

As far as the sick and the elderly are concerned, we are touching the danger zone as these people are the most affected and the most disadvantaged. I call on BPL to fix the light before this darkness causes someone’s death.

The blame for this dark period in BPL’s service is hardly tenable and must be laid at the feet of management and those who placed them there ought not to reward (inefficiency).

Is this not the board that was brought in because another board had failed? When politicians blame each other it never helps. The citizens are always adversely impacted.

– Bishop Simeon B. Hall

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