BPL says issue with ‘contamination of fuel supply’ resolved

Several days after advising that “fuel logistics” at Blue Hills Power Plant could lead to power outages, Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) said in a statement last night that “major remediation efforts” have been undertaken following an “incident resulting in contamination of our fuel supply in April 2021”.

BPL said the contamination affected more than 87,000 barrels – or more than 3.5M gallons – of fuel.

“While the details are still being investigated, the distributor, Sun Oil Limited, is working with BPL to remedy the situation, which affected both BPL-owned and rental units at Blue Hills Power Station (BHPS) and Clifton Pier Power Station (CPPS),” the company said.

“In fact, immediately as they were informed of the breach, Sun Oil mobilized an action plan and has already restored clean fuel to rental units at Blue Hills Power Station (BHPS). That remediation plan went into place on Monday, May 3, 2021. The immediate goal was to have the full 65MW of Aggreko rental units at BHPS available for dispatch by Thursday, May 6.”

BPL added, “Working together, the team was successful in meeting this goal. Initial concerns about availability of energy supply have been mitigated over the past few days. The remediation efforts underway resulted in a reliable supply of fuel to BPL engines and rentals, meaning that barring a catastrophe of some sort, energy supply is expected to remain at normal levels.

“We will continue to monitor the situation, and update our customers as necessary.”

Last week, Minister of Public Works Desmond Bannister, who has ministerial responsibility for BPL, said it was unclear how much money the issues have cost BPL thus far, but assured that the supplier is reputable and has always responded well to any challenges.

“These challenges on the financial side of it, these challenges are always worked out with the supplier appropriately,” he said.

“You have reputable Bahamian companies that have done it for years and BPL will work with them to ensure that whatever the challenges are financially, they will be worked out.

“We are more concerned with being able to guide the public and advise the public of possible challenges.”

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