Brennen: Bahamas may have seen the worst of COVID-19’s first wave

The Bahamas has likely seen the worst of this wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Dr. Delon Brennen said yesterday as the country saw its sixth day with no new confirmed cases.

“I think if we could cross our fingers, our toes and every other part that we can think of, that we expect that we have seen the worst of it in its current iteration here in The Bahamas,” Brennen said.

“I think people have respected the measures and they have made sure that we are keeping each other [safe].”

The Bahamas has been in a state of emergency over COVID-19 since mid-March, with emergency orders being enacted.

Under these orders, nationwide curfews and lockdowns were implemented along with other social restrictions intended to curb the spread of the virus.

Those restrictions have slowly begun to be relaxed as the government moves forward with a five-phase re-opening plan, with the country beginning to move into phase three this week.

But even with the re-opening, Brennen said most Bahamians do appear to be complying with health protocols.

“We’ve had no indication toward a spike in cases, and from what we’ve seen and observed over the course of the past week and the past weekend, it appears as though most Bahamians are actually complying with the emergency orders that are in place and the public health measures,” Brennen said.

“People are out, and when they’re out interacting with others, many people are wearing masks, they are respecting the social distance and it’s constantly on their minds.

“Business places are respecting it – they have signage, they have people that are monitoring. It’s an excellent thing to see people paying attention to health in that way and I think that bodes well for our numbers as well.”

He added, “As we add a few cases here and there, you notice the hospitalized numbers are coming down at one every other day, or one every three days.

“And our number of cases have risen at about that same amount. We’ve had 100 cases, and then maybe two or three days later we had 101, and then 102. So our cases go up slowly, our recovered numbers go slowly in the other direction.”

As of yesterday there were 102 confirmed cases – 80 on New Providence, 13 on Bimini, eight on Grand Bahama and one on Cat Cay; 55 recovered cases; 36 active cases, with two hospitalized; and 11 deaths.

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