Bribery case against officers dropped

A magistrate on Tuesday dismissed a bribery charge against a policeman accused of abusing his position for financial gain.

Constable Errol Ferguson, 46, was accused of soliciting $150 from Orthnell Miller to make $750 in traffic tickets go away.

The incident allegedly took place between April 20 and 22 of this year. He had pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt discharged Ferguson without hearing any evidence in the case after Miller decided that he no longer wanted to pursue his complaint.

The matter had been set for a final adjournment, meaning it was the prosecution’s last chance to put on its case.

However, before Miller informed the court of his stance, Ferguson-Pratt said the matter had to be adjourned.

Ferguson-Pratt said that she was distraught because of an incident involving a member of her staff and as a result she was not in a position to take evidence in the matter. She said, “The best thing for me to do is to adjourn the matter, and that date will be a final adjournment.”

Prosecuting attorney Samantha Miah said that the adjournment would give Miller sufficient time to decide what he wanted to do.

Miller was supposed to testify on Monday; however, he said he was not mentally prepared to take the stand at the time.

That’s when Miller informed the court that he had decided that he no longer wanted to proceed with the case.

Under oath, he assured the court that he had not been threatened or offered any money to drop his complaint.

Kelsie Munroe represented Ferguson.

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