Bridge Authority rolls out mobile toll payments app

A year after taking its first foray into the digital space, allowing motorists to pay their tolls electronically, the Bridge Authority is rolling out a new mobile application to add to the convenience.

General Manager of the Bridge Authority Anthony Smith said the authority launched the desktop version of its electronic toll payments application last year in June and has now rolled out the mobile platform so that motorists can use their smart devices to top up. The app, which is already on the Google Play and Apple App stores, will be officially launched next week.

“We’re in the throes now of launching our mobile top up platform, so that our customers can do their tolling from their mobile phone. So, if you have a toll account, you don’t need to come into the Bridge Authority to top up your toll account anymore, you simply go on your mobile phone, use a credit card and you can top up,” Smith said in an interview with Guardian Business.

“And you can see your trip activity, you can see all the trips you’ve made and you can scrutinize your statement and if you have an issue you can see that right at your fingertips right now.”

Smith said the Bridge Authority is working toward changing the notion that toll accounts are just for people who live or work on Paradise Island.

“What we’re trying to do is make people understand that anybody can have a toll account. We’re trying to move in a way where we have multiple ways of paying. Historically everyone paid with just cash. We’re trying to move away from that because we have issues now where people come to Paradise Island and they don’t have cash,” he said.

“The bridge isn’t designed in a way where people can pull over to the side, so it creates sometimes traffic stalls, it creates headaches. So, we have to address that, but we can only address that by using technology to address it, by creating other channels and other means of paying.”

Up next for the Bridge Authority, according to Smith, is the creation of smart cards that would be available to the general public.

“Whether that’s through an account, or whether that’s through a disposable smart card available to the public at large, so anybody can pay in an electronic way. We’re looking forward to allowing people to pay with their debit and credit cards at the toll booth. That’s a little way off, but it’s still a part of the grand strategy to move into electronic forms of paying,” he said.

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