BTC aggressively targets IPTV growth

The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) is “aggressively” targeting the 40,000 households in eastern New Providence to buy into its internet protocol television (IPTV) platform before it expands to other parts of The Bahamas.

Similar to Aliv scrapping away at BTC’s mobile market, company CEO Garfield Sinclair said yesterday the telecoms giant is up to the challenge of compensating the shortfall with new customer value propositions (CVPs).

“Right now we’re rolled out in eastern New Providence, unfortunately we do not have fiber island-wide, but we do have some in Lucaya, Grand Bahama. But we’ve got it in eastern New Providence, still for us 40,000 homes there, a ton of homes that we’re going to be able to sign up on this infrastructure. And we’re looking forward to customers trying out the service and letting us know what they think,” he said.

“These are doled out to markets based on the ability to sell, based on the infrastructure that you’ve already built. So, we built out infrastructure that passes a whole lot of homes, we haven’t sold that service yet the way we’d like to on those homes, so what we’re going to have to do is prove our ability, frankly, to sell our infrastructure into those homes, which is going to be tough.”

Sinclair admitted BTC’s past inefficiencies will make it challenging to convince Bahamian consumers to switch.

“We’ve got a lot of trust issues there. Customers are not used to us delivering true high-speed internet access, or really reliable IPTV. But we’re out there now proving that we’re capable of executing on selling these services into these homes and getting the average Bahamian customers to trust us again, and when we do that we won’t have any problem rolling fiber to the west of the island,” he said.

“We have a new CVP out and we’re selling really aggressively in eastern New Providence. You’ll see our pop-up shops, you’ll see our door-to-door street teams out there now selling aggressively.

“We know that customers have not had a good experience in the past and we know that it’s going to be tough for them to trust that we’re going to be able to deliver that experience now, but believe, the infrastructure that we have in place is second to none and once customers try it they love it, and they’re telling friends and they’re certainly telling us they really love this new fiber-based triple play.”

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Paige McCartney

Paige joined The Nassau Guardian in 2010 as a television news reporter and anchor. She has covered countless political and social events that have impacted the lives of Bahamians and changed the trajectory of The Bahamas. Paige started working as a business reporter in August 2016. Education: Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2006 with a BA in Radio and Television News

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