Tuesday, Jul 14, 2020
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Three practical ways to support your teams through tough times

In this unprecedented and uncertain time, many leaders and managers are wondering what they can do to help the people in their charge. Regardless of your situation, I love these

Women who make it real: a course in success and achievement

On Sunday, March 8 people celebrated International Women’s Day around the world. I couldn’t help but think about the women in my circle who I have the privilege of knowing.

Do you have a silo problem in your organization? Three ways to tell

In my recent article, I shared the concept of the 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, which, in my opinion, is a huge problem I see in organizations today. And if

Three steps to a stronger team

A strong team filled with strong people is critical to the success of any vision. Most are aware of the popular saying that goes, “where there is no vision the

Why companies should utilize vision board workshops

These days, companies of all sizes are looking for new ways to inspire, empower and motivate their employees in a way that is generous and morale-boosting. The concept of “vision or

How to maximize the final quarter of 2019

We are moving fast into 2020 and there are a lot of talks around the ending of the decade. Many forward-thinking people are focused on how to start things off

How strong is your leadership?

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” – John Maxwell Leadership has always been a buzzword and I believe it will continue to be. Over my almost two-decade-long career in the corporate

Seven ways to improve your resilience

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” – Robert H. Schuller We have undoubtedly been knocked by a tremendous blow. Hurricane Dorian visited our beautiful country and left massive destruction in

How to master your time

Many people struggle with not having enough time. As things slow down a bit during the summer, it is definitely a time to practice your time management skills. You may

Three steps to take back your power if you are professionally scarred 

So many professionals have had awful experiences with senior management or sometimes colleagues. Most people who have spent any time in the workplace have seen or even experienced unfairness, sabotage

Likeable vs. popular in the workplace

Likeability in the workplace is a characteristic I promote. Often people get glary eyed when I ask the importance of likeability and suggest it is an essential part of your

Do your teens come across as confident and educated?

The practice of good speech habits can improve your personal presentation. It is amazing how people will respond to you differently, take you more seriously and perceive you as smarter

Six essential skills your teen should develop now

Practice makes perfect. There are certain elements of communication that you want to encourage your teen to practice now until it they become second nature. Waiting until you are interacting

Three simple strategies to help you shine in the next meeting at work

Almost anyone who has worked anywhere can attest to the common occurrence during staff meetings where the same people do all the talking while everyone else sits there with little

Six serious faux pas when dealing with angry customers

Sometimes  athe best-intentioned customer service people can be knocked off their game when confronted by an unhappy, emotionally charged customer. I have witnessed company representatives inadvertently exacerbate heated situations due

Three things your team may be doing to further enrage difficult customers

Managing difficult or angry customers is a teachable skill. Even the best customer service person can become rattled when subjected to the spewed venom of an irritated patron. Refraining from

Five inner game tips to manage fear of public speaking

The most important element that affects the way we communicate is what is going on between our ears. Whatever is going on subconsciously will affect the way we communicate. Here

Seven ways lack of empathy is killing your bottom line

Empathy may not be the first characteristic associated with business success but creating a culture of empathy can help to drive productivity and profits. Remember, empathy is not sympathy. Many

Doing business unusual: the secret sauce to life-proof your business

Even though many of us have survived many types of crises in our lifetimes, from natural disasters to economic recession, this crisis called COVID-19 has completely disrupted life as we

The leadership people need in a crisis

“Nothing so undermines organizational change as the failure to think through the losses people face.” – William Bridges  Crisis is never easy for anyone. Sometimes, people forget that leaders are people

Five behaviors that make you a difficult person

We have all thought to ourselves and even discussed with coworkers at lunch, “I really can’t take working with John”, or “If Jane does that again I will scream”. What

Dear employer: Probation is for you too

Have you ever been on an interview and examined an employer the same way you were being scrutinized? Did you take a job and wonder if it was the same

How work is failing families

Work is one of the pillars of society upon which communities and nations are built. From the beginning of time there was work. I believe work was intended to occupy

Who’s really holding you back?

I’ve coached and mentored a number of professionals – young and not so young alike – about their career moves or lack thereof. It is a reality that some leaders

Can performance reviews be painless?

Your heart beats a little irregularly. You start to sweat. You feel a bit sick to your stomach. You tap your feet or shake your legs to get rid of

Are you ready for the next level?

This is one buzz term that is overused – the next level! It is appropriate for what I want to challenge you on though. In HR I hear it all

How to tell if your boss hates you

It is quite common to see experts writing about toxic bosses, bad bosses and the like that create a hostile work environment. What happens when that bad boss hates you?

Five steps to a new downtown

This is the final article in a series on the subject of downtown development. We have attempted to show that the popular thinking about the subject is based upon a

Three myths about downtown development

Myth #2: Downtown is only a commercial zone Every downtown started as a marketplace. For every city. It was the place where supplies and materials were brought into the town or

Three myths about downtown development

Once again, downtown development is in the news. For over 30 years, there has been talk about downtown development. After the time, money spent on consultants and promises by several

Is architectural design a commodity?

“A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type.” – Investopedia A commodity is something you buy for which there is

Why don’t we build porches anymore?

Recently I was asked why Bahamian homes no longer have porches, and once again I tried to answer with a one-liner. But as I walked away I realized that I

Hurricane ready?

Many years ago, I was designing a small bank branch and the security expert for the bank and I were discussing some of the issues we would deal with. I

Three reasons you should have an architect

When you decide to build your house there are several options for design services. For some people, there are thousands of sites offering plans online. Of course, in most cases

React or respond

React: To act in a particular way as a direct result of something else (Cambridge Dictionary). Respond: A response is a reaction to a question, experience, or some other type of

Stop blaming BPL

The industry claims that the traditional electric water heater accounts for up to 30 percent of the power bill in the typical household. Some people try to reduce that with

Yes, we have value!

Social media has been lit up lately and the general public is enraged with the importation of foreign labor from Mexico as a result of the Baker’s Bay development on

Bahamian Black lives matter too!

Many Bahamians stood alongside our American neighbors in solidarity with the protesters throughout the United States and other parts of the world, protesting over the senseless killing of African American

To drill or not to drill?

Tourism is the breadbasket of our economy, until we find an alternative to keep our people employed. It’s the only game in town, so we must preserve those seven-plus million

Time for a new playbook

A playbook is what professional teams use before they go into battle. It is a necessary tool to devise strategy on how to win. As we scramble as a nation to

Going bananas

Like most Bahamians being locked down, I am really getting my faith and fortitude tested. But we know this is the best thing for us if we are to stop the spread of

The uncertainly of it all

On Wednesday, March 18, my daughter Lauren and I started our self-quarantine against the coronavirus. Like most Bahamians and citizens around the world, it feels like we are being held

Important lesson

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has officially hit The Bahamas and the world is in a state of panic. The virus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As

What are we to do?

Sometimes I miscalculate when taking a shortcut and hit the school zones at the end of the school day. Every time this happens to me, it is like witnessing an

Kicking the can

Kicking the can seems to be a favorite Bahamian thing among our governments, as important matters are often put off without any follow through. The handling of Bahamas Power and

How to build generational wealth

We’ve all heard the term “generational wealth”. But do we know what it truly is? Generational wealth is all in the name, really; basically, wealth that is passed down from

How multimillion-dollar investments are approved in The Bahamas

We all hear about these multimillion-dollar investments that are approved and done throughout The Bahamas. We see the contract signings, groundbreakings and ribbon cuttings. But most don’t know how it

Is purchasing a franchise a good investment?

They’re your favorite service stations, restaurants and sometimes hangout spots. If you take a look around the country, you’ll see a countless amount of franchises. By definition, a franchise is a

Nine rules of lending money to friends and family

Lending money to friends or family can often prove to be one of life’s greatest dilemmas. There’s the uncertainty that familiarity would get in the way of you being paid

The importance of estate planning and a will

With everyone so busy living in the present, many people often overlook the realities of the future and the importance of proper planning for the same. When Bahamians think about

How to stop predatory lending

A common rule of thumb by many financial experts in The Bahamas is that there are two distinct areas of the country’s banking sector – the retail/commercial banks and the

Three ways to come clean after you’ve been unfaithful financially

You’ve probably heard stories of people hiding accounts, buying big-ticket items without their partner’s knowledge, or cleaning out a joint bank account. Quite often we associate infidelity with falling to

Money and relationships

Undoubtedly a touchy subject for many relationships, finances and financial disagreements can easily become the reason many relationships fail. Throughout my life, people close to me have always said that

What is an asue?

This word is synonymous with Bahamian culture. But an interesting fact about what we’ve come to know as an “asue” is its African origin. In many African languages the word