Business & hospitality management preferred among tertiary grads

The majority of graduates from Bahamian tertiary-level institutions entering the labor market have degrees or diplomas in business and hospitality management, followed by education.

This was revealed in the Department of Statistics’ Labour Market Information Newsletter, released earlier this week, which showed that women make up the majority of graduates from the three tertiary institutions included in the report – the University of The Bahamas (UB), Bahamas Baptist College (BBC) and the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI).

In total, 1,122 people passed through UB in 2019 with either an associate or baccalaureate degree, or a diploma or certificate of completion. Business and hospitality management was the preferred subject matter with 143 graduates – 104 women and 39 men; followed by education with 128 graduates – 105 women and 23 men; social sciences with 76 graduates – 59 women and 17 men; nursing and allied health professions with 72 graduates – 69 women and three men; chemistry, environment and life sciences with 59 graduates – 46 women and 13 men; followed by communications and creative arts, culinary and tourism studies and English studies, which all had less than 30 graduates.

While women outperformed men in all of the above fields, more men graduated with a concentration in mathematics, physics and technology – 25 men and six women.

As for BTVI, of the 77 students that graduated with an associate of applied science degree, 57 were women and 20 were men. The most preferred subject matter was office administration, which had a total of 43 graduates, followed by information technology management and human resources management.

There were 45 graduates from BBC, the majority of whom (nine) graduated with a bachelor’s degree in primary education.

Despite the higher number of women leaving tertiary education in The Bahamas with a degree or diploma, men are still paid more, according to the latest Occupations and Wages in the Hospitality Sector report, released in September.

On average, male employees earned more than their female counterparts in the same occupational group.

While the average wage per week for male managers is $988, it is $909 per week for female managers, according to the report.

Males employed in the professionals, science and engineering professional group were paid $1,010 per week, while females in the same occupational group were paid $995 per week.

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