Cable Bahamas Group celebrates women making waves within the company

Get to know the trailblazing women featured in Cable Bahamas’ Women in Leadership campaign

Cable Bahamas Group of Companies rang in International Women’s Month with their Women In Leadership campaign and High Heels in High Places Mentorship Program. More than 20 ladies were highlighted during the program’s launch celebration which took place March 24, 2022.

The Women in Leadership campaign was crafted in hopes of expanding the conversation about gender parity at every level in the workplace by highlighting 10 of its most senior female executives. A series of video clips highlighting these executive women are currently in circulation on television and social media, giving insight into their personal career journeys. In today’s article, we shine the spotlight on two of these women, Beverly Saunders, vice president of human resources (HR) for the Cable Bahamas Group and Patrice Thompson, head of sales at Aliv.

Saunders’ journey with the Cable Bahamas Group began in 2014, after more than 20 years in the training, and HR industries. She initially began working with the group as a private HR consultant. That relationship continued to evolve and she officially joined the Cable Bahamas team as vice president of HR, making her the first female vice president in the company’s history.

“I am grateful that my work allows me to serve my gifts to the world. I am able to help influence others and to encourage and inspire people to be all they can be by becoming themselves. The skills of an HR professional will always be in demand. I especially love training and development when you can see others rise to success and somehow you know you had a small part in that.”

Thompson also initially joined the company in the field of human resources, joining the Aliv team as director of HR in 2016. More than five years later, she is leading Aliv’s sales division and enjoys being able to leverage the people skills acquired from her HR experience.

“My job requires a high degree of collaboration. I find it very rewarding sharing ideas, understanding that contrasting points of views cross functionally promote a sense of purpose. This helps to improve productivity and it also becomes easier to solve an existing problem to deliver the best quality customer experience. Respecting different ideas, perspectives, and expertise gives us the opportunity to work together to find innovative solutions, which in turn allows organizations to solve problems in a faster and more efficient manner.”

When it comes to her recipe for success, Thompson said, “The recipe I used in my journey was not to define myself by others’ success. I believed in redefining what success would look like for me personally and that was to use all experiences, good or bad, as an opportunity to learn and grow. Never stop learning; never stop growing.”

Saunders noted that her success was very simple. “The secret ingredient is not so secret. I am rooted and grounded in my faith. I believe in my calling. I am focused, purpose-driven and I celebrate the success of others not just my own success. I am a lifelong learner.”

She went on to share her pride and gratitude for the Cable Bahamas Group Women in Leadership initiative. “This is an excellent salute to women all over The Bahamas. I love that we led the charge. I am proud of our corporate communications team who worked so hard to make it happen. I am so proud of my female colleagues we have celebrated who have paid the price to succeed; no tokens here! The color, wisdom, pride, elegance, and response has been so encouraging and inspiring. At this point in my career, when there are yet new roads I must travel, I cherish this present moment, this specific time in my career, where I am thankful and grateful to God for allowing me to be a part of what I believe is a life-changing, transformational event.”

 Thompson echoed similar sentiments stating, “Building equity and access for women starts with us. This Women in Leadership initiative that is stewarded by Cable Bahamas is a fantastic movement that can have a profound effect on the future ideals and goals of young women and can also change the mindset, conversation, and conscience of men as well. Everyone should have an equal seat at the table. This program is extremely important, valuable, as well as timely.”

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