Cable Bahamas Group reduces staff by 11.5%

The Cable Bahamas Group has reduced its employee complement by 11.5 percent, making most of those laid off in April redundant and adding several more to the count, as the company continues to suffer economically due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

President and Chief Executive Officer Franklyn Butler said staff cuts came from both Aliv and Rev and are mostly customer-facing staff.

He explained that in the midst of the pandemic, which caused declining business, the company managed to retain 90 percent of Rev’s staff, now making 60 of its 574 employees redundant. At Aliv, he said, 27 of 181 employees have been terminated.

“That is an 11.5 percent head count reduction overall and a direct result of the reality of unprecedented economic uncertainty in the face of COVID-19,” said Butler.

“Simply, we had to ‘rightsize’ our operations and implement these stringent measures as part of our overall plan to address it.

“We are all fully aware of the economic impact and we have activated and adapted, where and when necessary, our business continuity plans since March. Part of that plan must be to manage cost. Unfortunately, we have had to implement headcount reductions in light of this harsh reality. We have taken much time over the last four months to complete a detailed review of our headcount across our operations, for both Rev and Aliv.”

Butler said the closure of the country’s large resorts and small businesses have had a direct impact on Cable Bahamas. He added that the company has seen a large amount of disconnections and service downgrades since the country’s emergency orders were implemented and a negligible amount of reconnections since the economy began to reopen.

Company Chief Operations Officer John Gomez said the company is working hard to optimize its remaining team in the midst of challenging circumstances.

“There is much work yet to be done to drive further economies of scale and we remain committed to our customers despite the unprecedented challenge we are all facing,” said Gomez.


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