Canada intends to lead clean tech mission to Bahamas

The Canadians plan to lead a clean technology and infrastructure mission to The Bahamas next month after strong storms and hurricanes turned their attention toward this region, Canada’s High Commissioner to The Bahamas Laurie Peters said.

Peters, who will speak at the Bahamas Business Outlook on January 16, said Canada is keen to be a part of building climate resilience in The Bahamas and throughout small island states in the Caribbean.

“The devastation experienced in the Caribbean following the hurricanes and storms over the last few years has reminded Canadians of the vulnerability of small island states in the region,” Peters said in a statement.

“Canada and The Bahamas enjoy a longstanding friendship and deep people to people ties; hence our desire to be part of building climate resilience and strengthening disaster response in the region. An important aspect to this partnership is our respective private sectors, which is why we plan to lead a clean technology and infrastructure mission to The Bahamas in January 2020 to bring them together and plan for the future.”

At Business Outlook, Peters will highlight Canada’s engagement in climate change, environmental resilience, and disaster preparedness matters.

According to the release, the Canadian High Commission’s participation in 2020’s Business Outlook is just a part of its “multi-faceted approach to impact disaster preparedness in the region”.

“The High Commission seeks to open a dialogue with the private and public sector to find out the areas of need as well as create a network where Canadian companies share relevant knowledge with Bahamian companies and organizations,” the release stated.

“According to Richard York, senior trade commissioner in the Canadian High Commission, many Canadian companies reached out to his office about the possibility of sharing technology and environmental solutions, which would be relevant to the reconstruction of Abaco and Grand Bahama following Hurricane Dorian.”

The release added that companies that specialize in coastal engineering, microgrid solutions for small islands, engineering, and dredging will be present at the event.

York said that the Canadian’s visit to the event is about planning for the future and helping to mitigate the impact of events like Hurricane Dorian.

“We want to see as much networking and as much talking between the business people as possible and of course between our business people and government, because we would like to be a part of planning for the future,” York said.

“There are some huge challenges in the Caribbean at large. But The Bahamas, with so many islands having to prepare and plan for these types of events, there is a lot of work to be done. So, we’d like to really leverage our partnership with the Bahamas Business Outlook and encourage as much interaction between our two business communities as possible.”

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