Candy store hoping to make downtown a sweeter experience

Life is sweeter in The Bahamas now that a multimillion-dollar investment in confections has come to Bay Street, promising to bring excitement back to the city.

I Dream of Sugar (IDOS) is everything in a candy store that every Willy Wonka fan has ever imagined.

There are Gummy Bears larger than an Ipad, and candies from back in the day that will make any age group reminisce.

There is every candy in between those groups of candies. There is a wall of Pez dispensers.

There are Bahamian brands of ice cream and more than 300 candy toppings to cap it off with, and Bahamian chocolate bars all the way from Grand Bahama.

“Alongside the American and international products across the store, we worked extensively with our local partners in The Bahamas to source the best local candies and sweets,” IDOS owner Delvonne Ferguson told Guardian Business.

“We carry many locally manufactured products including ice cream, chocolates, popcorn, cotton candy, rum cake and other sweets.

“We are a Nassau-based business, so it was important to us to work with local manufacturers.

“We are able to help these local businesses grow by giving them an additional outlet to sell their products.

“We are located near the cruise port, which gives us access to the tourists coming off the ships. We wanted to share local Bahamian products with these tourists, to show them what Bahamas is all about.”

There are also teas and coffees, and brands of drinks that will make you laugh, cheer and melt with nostalgia.

Ferguson said IDOS was developed through an ownership group that has worked together on several business projects in The Bahamas and other countries.

“It is a diverse group, American, British and majority Bahamian owned,” he said.

The company currently has one location on the corner of Bay Street and Market Street and has employed more than 66 Bahamians since opening.

“We have also employed many contractors during our construction process, and we have worked with countless Bahamian organizations throughout the realization of our candy store,” said Ferguson.

“The investment was sizable, in the millions of dollars. We wanted to create an experience more than just a retail store, and in order to do this, we had to spend.

“We are extremely happy with the result though and we know that it will all be worth it.”

One of the chief aspirations of IDOS is to bring life back to downtown with a bar and restaurant concept that is just being developed.

For now, Ferguson said, the candy story is open until 8pm every day and the lounge is expected to open until midnight Wednesday to Sunday… later than most businesses on Bay Street.

“For us, this was an important goal from the beginning,” he said.

“Nassau has been looking for a rejuvenated downtown daytime and nighttime atmosphere. With the construction of our store, and the opening of the cruise port, we are excited to play a part in this revitalization.

“Our goal with I Dream of Sugar and the Sugar Rush Lounge, has always been more than creating a candy store, but rather a new destination experience for tourists and locals to enjoy.

“Our goal has been to create an atmosphere where people can share stories, share a laugh, hang with friends, and enjoy themselves. I Dream of Sugar is just that, it’s more than a candy store or a bar, it’s a vital part of the Nassau community and the downtown area.”

Ferguson explained that they are planning to expand IDOS in the future.

“When exactly, we aren’t sure, but it is certainly in our plans,” he said.

“Expansion might make sense to other islands in The Bahamas, other locations in Nassau, or other countries in the Caribbean. We’ll be looking at all opportunities closely but not only in candy, the group are exploring other ventures in The Bahamas.”

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Chester Robards

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