Cannabis has many benefits

Dear Editor,

I started this journey with pure intentions and I am resolute in continuing that trend.

With that said, we need to get together to save this world.

Yeah, your eyes may have rolled to the back of your head just now, but I have a question for you.


Do you not agree that in any system creating healthy individual components helps to create a better whole?

Cannabis is vital in creating healthy individuals, which leads to healthy families, healthy communities, healthy nations, and, most importantly, a healthy world.

It is a simple concept that is not so simple.

Some persons may not like that I am pushing so hard and fast with this cannabis campaign, but when you think about the worst that is happening right now — people are dying!

Cannabis is a plant that is able to put the body back into a healing frequency – so that it can more effectively beat back any illness – as well as repairing itself.

That right there is more powerful than any medication. Human bodies supplemented by the ingestion of cannabinoids run more efficiently. Prevention is always better than cure.

(Sidenote: Since the plant in its raw state is so beneficial for the human body, can anyone in their right mind tell me why every nation in the world isn’t studying the plant as if it was the anointing oil itself?)

Let me break down just a sliver of the overall plan of how cannabis can improve this world. These few examples are local but can be replicated globally.

Food: I have a supplier that can provide over 45,000 pounds of hemp flour per month for $0.27 a pound.

That is just $12,150 for 45,000 pounds of organic hemp flour.

No, it won’t get anyone high, but anyone who eats products made with hemp flour will be healthier. Right now, most wheat flour is bleached and then has to be enriched to make it nutritious. The fact that they have to put nutrients back into the flour can tell you what you are putting into your body with processed wheat varieties. Choose hemp flour.

(Scratches “Solve world hunger with an inexpensive, renewable source” off the list.)

Clothing: Androsia is one Bahamian product that can be exponentially improved by the cultivation of cannabis.

Imagine an Androsian product made with hemp fabric that was sourced exclusively from small Bahamian farmers, an authentically Bahamian product from beginning to end.

Shelter: The Bobo Ashanti Rastafarians have plans for a building project that involves hempcrete. The resulting structures will be hurricane-proof, waterproof, fireproof, mold-proof, termite-proof and carbon negative. In addition to this, hempcrete is a naturally insulated material so temperature maintenance is automatic.

Medication: The human body makes cannabinoids naturally. When one undergoes cannabis testing, they check for certain levels above a threshold that would suggest that one has been supplementing with an external source of cannabinoids. Yes, they are in breast milk too.

Point blank, cannabis is good for the human body. Some of the methods of intake continually are undergoing the process of refinement, but for the most part, it is safe and beneficial. Vaping, dabbing, edibles, and other means of getting cannabinoids into your system are improving day by day. Eventually, getting one’s daily dose of cannabinoids will be a customized experience with a cannabinoid level detection meter which would tell you just how many cannabis tablets, gummies, or dissolving strips one needs to take daily for optimal health.

Energy: Power cuts are a common occurrence in The Bahamas lately. Did you know that biomass/biofuel generators exist that can be fed by the ever-renewable crop of cannabis? In fact, when there was a fire at the generator plant in Bimini, my first call was to a Hawaiian group who sourced a 10 MW biomass/biofuel generator for my organization. BPL officials can call me any time they want for the contract.

The bottom line is that anything crude oil can do, hemp can do better. Quite plainly, it is a renewable resource that can help the planet heal in more ways than one.

My organization is putting in work for the benefit of the people. We realize that some do not understand cannabis’ versatility yet (and others view us as a threat), but we continue to educate everyone who is willing so that they themselves can understand and benefit from the myriad of uses and utilities that the cannabis genus has.

Support cannabis. The world needs you.

– Yorick Brown

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