Cannabis is key to the planet’s future

Dear Editor,

Cannabis is a planetary resource that is the solution to a surprising number of challenges that plague modern-day humanity. The fact that the Cannabis genus is a rapidly renewable and sustainable resource only adds to its value as the most versatile “source material” on the planet.

Earth’s ecosystems indeed have been affected directly by humans from the beginning of early mankind’s existence (albeit at lesser levels), but fossil fuel and plastic pollution in these times are threatening the environment as never before.

Side effects of the resulting global climate change caused by mankind include droughts and other environmental catastrophes that in turn lead to food and housing shortages (amongst a myriad of other issues).

These situations directly affect a population’s ability to contribute meaningfully to a nation’s economy and thereby result in a lesser quality of life for those citizens.

Cannabis’ source material versatility (when applied appropriately) from bio-fuels to biodegradable plastics to hemp flour to hempcrete, alleviates such challenges easily.

A few examples follow.

Large segments of the world’s population suffer from ill-health due to the normalization and global distribution of processed food items.

Conversely, hemp that is rich in cannabinoids like CBD (along with various terpenes and flavonoids) provides a boost in health to all segments of the population who ingest it.

Conditions that arise due to human endocannabinoid deficiencies thereby are eliminated as the human body is put into a state of homeostasis.

In short, a healthy human body is one that has a healthy endocannabinoid system supplemented with cannabinoids.

The potential of an overall healthier population means more productivity, less hospital/medical care visits, fewer instances of social disorder and most definitely a society that is capable of supporting a stable economy.

Sectors like the pharmaceutical industry, as a result, no doubt will experience an interesting shift due to lowered profits as persons abandon synthetic medications.

Another benefit of humanity’s renewed interest in cannabis is that the planet is about to undergo another industrial revolution of sorts.

This age will feature machines, buildings, and vehicles that are built with or improved by super strong and efficient materials derived from cannabis.

It is no surprise that Musk and his team are said to be working on a hemp battery — one that effectively will end the era of lithium batteries and usher in an age where batteries are built from a renewable and sustainable material that not only is safe, but longer lasting.

In the meantime, putting a hemp firewall around present lithium-ion battery cells in Tesla vehicles will protect passengers in the ever-decreasing instances of a crash (self driving cars are the future, no doubt).

Furthermore, every other industry that is sourced from wood, oil, cotton, metal and other industrial source materials potentially will be disrupted in a similar fashion. Present economies that derive their wealth from fossil fuels and related non-sustainable materials inevitably will shift to cannabis alternatives to keep up.

Even the military will undergo transitions.

Lightweight hemp uniforms that have natural antimicrobial features as well as being extremely sturdy and comfortable will be the norm.

Lighter and thinner bulletproof hemp vests and personal armor materials will protect soldiers on the battlefield.

Vehicle armor that is impenetrable by nothing other than armor-piercing rounds made from similar hemp-derived nanomaterials will be revealed.

Unlimited fuel from a source that is renewable, sustainable and inexpensive when scaled is even possible. Cannabis definitely is an army of one when it comes to its military applications.

Best of all, as a renewable and sustainable resource, cannabis has the potential to ease the volatility of global financial markets.

The ebb and flow of stocks and investments are often due to levels of determined scarcity. With an open global cannabis market, such an issue can be virtually eliminated as the stability of cannabis as a multi-use resource material comes to the fore.

Humanity has been given a unique test of whether it can grow past its collective delusion that the planet can sustain present human activity levels with the flawed systems now in place.

Cannabis provides a solution to working in a beneficial way within the global ecosystem, as opposed to working against it.

It is no secret that modern day humans overtly attempt to bend nature to their will and shortsightedly overlook the resulting fallout which definitely affects future generations. Such actions are not sustainable in the least.

It is time to push the reset button on the planet — with cannabis.

— Yorrick Brown

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