Cartwright says govt failing people on crime fight

Free National Movement (FNM) Deputy Leader Shanendon Cartwright said yesterday that the Davis administration appears to be “paralyzed” to present a strategic plant to tackle what he said is a crime crisis in The Bahamas.

“Crime continues to shake our communities, threaten our way of life and take Bahamian lives,” he said in a statement.

“Already for the year, police have recorded four homicides. Just as regrettable is the government’s failure to address the issue of crime in a holistic and strategic way.

“The government seems paralyzed to bring a coordinated strategy to stem it. As stated before, the Bahamian people feel no more secure, despite the promises of this administration to deal with crime.”

Cartwright, who is the shadow minister of national security, noted, “The government is failing at its most sacred duty of keeping the Bahamian people safe and secure. They must lead. They must act.”

According to The Nassau Guardian’s records, there were 128 murders in 2022, an eight percent increase compared to the 119 recorded in 2021.

Cartwright noted Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander’s frustrations over individuals on bail who Fernander said are committing more crimes, and questioned why they continue to be released.

“We’ve noted this as a judicial, legislative and constitutional issue that the executive and Parliament must address,” Cartwright said.

“When will the government act? The government is failing to address the need for institutional change that the men and women of the Royal Bahamas Police Force have been asking for.

“The government continues to talk but has fallen woefully short in the way of decisive action to deal with the increase in armed robberies, assaults and gun crimes.”

The issues with bail and legislative changes have remained controversial given that suspects have a constitutional right to be tried within a reasonable period.

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