Celebrating 17 years

Pastors Cynara and Cleon Munroe continue to pursue the kingdom mandate at Miracle Life Global Outreach Ministries

Cleon Munroe was 19 years old when he gave his life to the Lord. He said there wasn’t any one particular experience that led to his accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal savior, but some 27 years later, his church ministry is now celebrating its 17th anniversary and continuing unparalleled growth.

Miracle Life Global Outreach Ministries, of which Dr. Munore and his wife Pastor Cynara Munroe are senior leaders, celebrated its official anniversary date on Tuesday, May 25, but the church is celebrating the anniversary all week, including having Prophet Gideon Baffoe of Gideon Baffoe Outreach Ministry, out of Maryland, who will deliver the message at their Sunday service.

“It’s tremendous after 17 years of uplifting, how the Lord has caused us to go from glory to glory,” said Munroe. “And, I’m grateful for every year, as I’ve seen the word of God manifested in the lives of God’s people.”

The church’s theme for their anniversary celebration is “Pursuing the Kingdom’s Mandate”.

From the ministry’s inception, the pastor said the focus was to see God’s people impacted, and that impact, he said, has been seen in the consistency of ministry, and staying focused, considering the assignment they’ve been given.

“Last night [Wednesday], we were really blessed to have a socially distanced house full,” at the church located at Joe Farrington Road and Smith Cove. “By the end of the week, we will be celebrating mothers of the church, and people who were with us from the beginning, climaxing on Sunday.”

The takeaway from this week’s celebration, according to the pastor, is for people to walk away with an appreciation of being faithful to the cause and vision of the Lord. And to know that faithfulness pays off.

Throughout the pandemic, Munroe is pleased the church has seen growth and “thrived” in terms of numbers. And that the ministry was able to be a lifeline for people.

“It was such a tremendous blessing,” said Munroe. He spoke to seeing souls saved, and people fed and assisted around the country.

He was also grateful to the ministry’s supporters and partners who he said have been a blessing to the ministry, and not just financially – but lent a helping hand to help maintain the ministry, including praying for the vision and things they had placed on their agenda.

With 17 years under their belt, Munroe said they are looking to continue expanding the ministry over the next 17 years, including a new edifice.

“Where we are at now, we’ve exceeded our capacity, and we want to triple in numbers. We are in a 6,500-square foot building, currently, and we are full to capacity.”

He said they are also looking to increase their global reach and now boast covenant partners who are connected with them in the ministry in groups and churches in the United States, England and Canada.

“When we give thanks, we give thanks for people who are with us globally, as well, said the senior pastor.

Having started out with six people, Miracle Life Global Outreach Ministries has grown slowly and steadily to a congregation that has outgrown its current 6,500-square foot edifice, so-much-so that Munroe said they are in the process of scouting property on which to build a building to house its members.

Munroe, who was still a teenager when he gave his life to the Lord, said there was no one experience that aided in his conversion.

“God had always been talking to me, and just one day I went to the altar and gave my life to Christ,” he said. “I find that when it comes to being a child of God and being a believer, it is someone following the precepts of God and the kingdom mandates, and who lives a life of dedication and sacrifice to the Lord, willing to die for the cause of the Lord, and allowing a great impact to be made.”

He said a child of God should be light-bearers, which is what he strives to be.

What is known today as Miracle Life Global Outreach started out in 2003 as Firm Foundation Kingdom Ministries International. It was a vision he thought of while under the tutelage of Bishop Tutin Stubbs at Southland Church of God.

With less than 10 people in attendance regularly, Munroe began services in the front room of his home, hosting prayer meetings for approximately eight months.

In 2004, Firm Foundation moved to a space on Faith Avenue that accommodated approximately 60 people. As word spread about the ministry, the church membership grew.

In 2005, Munroe was ordained to pastoral office by Apostle Raymond Wells, and in 2006, the church moved to a location at Market Street and Cordeaux Avenue that accommodated approximately 200 people, and grew to the point that Munroe was leading two churches.

Between 2010 and 2013, Firm Foundation Ministries relocated to two locations on Baillou Hill Road south, before its current location today off Joe Farrington Road, and assuming the name Miracle Life Global Outreach Ministries.

Over the years, Miracle Life went through its fair share of trials, but the pastoral leadership said they remain strong, and continue to grow and operate under the power and authority of God.

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